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Have you considered buying directly from the companies? http://www.vodafone.co.uk/brands/iphone/index.htm http://www.o2.co.uk/iPhone/iPhone4/ http://shop.orange.co.uk/mobile-phon...WT.tsrc=Portal http://www.three.co.uk/Phones/iPhone
Siri's a woman, of course not!
Because Bill used to be an executive at Apple until Steve left. He had been a friend of Steve's ever since. Tim Cook calls him "The Coach".
The business model Apple uses is this: Tim Cook; CEO. "The President" Senior Vice Presidents (head the departments: iOS, Hardware, Industrial Design, Online S&S, Finance, Law, Operations, Marketing and Retail) Vice Presidents (OS X Software, Product marketing, everything else) Engineers/Other staff This is a fairly old image, but this is effectively what it is like:
I've been looking at my empty Newsstand a lot and I've been thinking... Wouldn't it be great if we could put our iBooks in Newsstand?
On the app, click on the centre address. Just press "Edit".
I was desperate to just use this App (lol), so I decided to send one for my Auntie. Took a quick picture of our dogs and attached it, then sent the card. Was dispatched this morning. It really is a good app.
A) I would recommend putting these types of topics here: http://forums.appleinsider.com/forumdisplay.php?f=8 - You will receive best support there. B) In answer to your question, try an SMC reset: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht3964
July 2010.
When I look ahead, I see two simple standards controlling cellular networks. A) A modified 802.11 wifi for fast data speeds and wide network coverage, B) Simple GSM and CDMA 2G for voice and text I know 2G is an old standard, but I've found that it is a fairly reasonable and wide-spread standard that... There's nothing actually wrong with it. Just my two cents...
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