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*Dreaming* Am hoping for an actual Apple HD/3DTV with Siri. I think if they can master the ability of having a microphone on a remote control, then perhaps that (for those quiet, relaxed moments at home) you can just speak to your TV instead of punching in commands on the remote. It would also be good with questions like "Is the Manchester United game on telly tonight?", then you could use Reminders to set to record a show or just... Remind you.
4? Anyway, with the rest of your post. Samsung isn't shitting all over Apple at all, for what they do' it's quite the opposite.
I think what people fail to recognise is the fact that Steve would have invited Tim to his home that day, Tim would have been wearing a shirt and jeans while sitting down in Steve's bedroom. It's not like Steve was driving off to Apple HQ to meet Tim. I mean, if I had an Insanely Great® idea on my deathbed for a product that would affect millions of people, I'd desperately want to call the CEO and tell him what I wanted to say. True dedication.
For those wanting a video, the main article has been updated and now includes a CNET overhead view.
http://www.apple.com/apple-events/ ?
Impressed with Siri, disappointed that there is no redesign. Overall I am happy with the update. October 2011 "Apple Events" is coming soon.
I think Steve will welcome everyone to the event, go through the usual boring stuff (Sales etc), introduce iPhone 5, then hand it over to Cook. This will A) Prove that Steve is alive and well and; B) show that Steve has faith in Cook.
Hey guys, I just wanted to put in my input here. I've been considering what the "1" might mean and I have come to a conclusion that it simply signifies that they had a "missed release" (June; like a missed call). I doubt it signifies much else.
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