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Impressed with Siri, disappointed that there is no redesign. Overall I am happy with the update. October 2011 "Apple Events" is coming soon.
I think Steve will welcome everyone to the event, go through the usual boring stuff (Sales etc), introduce iPhone 5, then hand it over to Cook. This will A) Prove that Steve is alive and well and; B) show that Steve has faith in Cook.
Hey guys, I just wanted to put in my input here. I've been considering what the "1" might mean and I have come to a conclusion that it simply signifies that they had a "missed release" (June; like a missed call). I doubt it signifies much else.
Can Apple sue Samsung for this?
Tallest Skull, Firstly, I hope the cotton background is the foundation-style for Mac OS X.8 and iOS 6, I love it. Secondly, if iOS for Apple TV was updated to look like that, I would muster up the £100 and just go out and buy it. Providing it also had an App Store (gonna need that one). Thirdly, I think I'll be more excited by the hardware changes in a third gen. Dual-core 1.3ghz Apple A5, PowerVR 543MPC iGPU and 1GB of RAM. Maybe perhaps a Thunderbolt port...
I think everyone is forgetting... This is a guy that believes in ManBearPig I could actually imagine that. The horror!
It's fun. "Apple to sign foundry deal for A6 processors", "Apple to dump Intel and move to ARM", "Apple going to use Intel in Macs for another few years and ARM on it's mobile devices".
Woohoo! Finally us iBrits get a front row seat in the patent fight.
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