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You've got to be kidding right? iCloud for a 4 year old OS that it's successor has been surpassed by a newer operating system? The last PowerPC's were sold five years ago, time to move on. Although the chances are, Apple is using the POWER7 architecture (a successor to POWER4 which the PowerPC 970 [G5] ran on) for iCloud.
Ditto for my MacBook Air. Finds new Pages documents fine.
Well, whatever happens; they cannot be calling it iTV, or ITV will be suing them. Whether Apple releases a TV or not, I feel that it would be to high prices to really reach out on the market, that's if Apple wants to make profit.
Wow... Awesome!!! LOL
Nope. Tiger. Why else would he get that error message?
People talking about wanting 4.5" screen... I'd rather have a phone that fits into my pocket.
I'd be very surprised if he isn't donating money to cancer charities, as well as the fund backing organ donations.
Great for laptops, small desktops and possibly dual-running with a discrete chip on all-in-ones. But not Pro desktops like the Mac Pro
Great Hope you enjoy the experience
Doesn't take a genius to work that out. I posted this earlier in (either this topic or another one) that Jeff Williams has taken the post that Tim Cook held. Pre-2004 Tim Cook's official title was "SVP/VP for Operations".
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