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People talking about wanting 4.5" screen... I'd rather have a phone that fits into my pocket.
I'd be very surprised if he isn't donating money to cancer charities, as well as the fund backing organ donations.
Great for laptops, small desktops and possibly dual-running with a discrete chip on all-in-ones. But not Pro desktops like the Mac Pro
Great Hope you enjoy the experience
Doesn't take a genius to work that out. I posted this earlier in (either this topic or another one) that Jeff Williams has taken the post that Tim Cook held. Pre-2004 Tim Cook's official title was "SVP/VP for Operations".
Press and hold on a link. You then have two options "Go to address" and "Copy". However, above that, is usually the URL.
Good on Jony, still annoyed that he's worth less then Simon Cowell. But seriously, he's ana amazing designer and si probably the reason I bought what I did from Apple.
I always have my mail apps in full screen, and I have to say that I absolutely love the new Mail app. Gives off a much better content-preview. And I feel it looks a lot more modern then the previous version of Mail. But if you don't like it, you can always choose to revert to the old version.
AIR, USB 3 is natively supported by Ivy Bridge. I hope it's included, the only reason I see it not being included is that they will be seriously trying to push Thunderbolt.
I think, since the latest iMac was only released in May, I don't think there will be another iMac until Ivy Bridge is released. So don't worry about it. I would be very surprised if there was another SandyBridge iMac released this year/early next year. In terms of your second question; likely inclusions could be:Ivy Bridge Integrated graphics chips + Upgraded discrete graphic cards Slimmer form-factor More RAM USB 3 Perhaps more Thunderbolt ports But that's...
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