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This is all part of Apple's master plan. They're deliberately driving down the stock price so that they will eventually have more money than the company will have value and BOOM.   Apple will buy itself back.
Haha - It's funny that I actually like what the EU does. I just can't stand the European Commission. It just created a huge democratic deficit. And UKIP? No thanks :)   Returning to the subject...   I find this is actually good news, especially if it means Samsung can't sue for use of FRAND patents.
Fixed it for you.
Okay, how do you use StreetView on the iPhone 5?
For those that still can't download it, just download it on iTunes and either wait for the automatic download or side-install (you can side-install a single app by dragging it to your phone)
Texting 999 has been around in the UK for quite some time now.   All we need to do is send a text to 999 saying 'register' (only required once), and then after that you just send a simple string like: 'ambulance. man having heart attack. outside post office, barnsley.'   Simple as that.
See, that's just jobsworth. If you see someone getting beaten up in front of you, surely, surely, you have to help them. Whether you're a guard or just an ordinary citizen...
You COULD care less, could you?
Nope. And unless QC issues start arising from building things in China, I'm not going to want to pay more so that jobs can return to the US.   If they decided to build Apple products in the UK, however....:D
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