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Nope, 13" MBA.
This felt like a complete downgrade. The list of songs looks worse, as does every other bit of text. The whole app is just blurry.
According to Starbucks, they don't make a penny of profit on their UK sales.   Their generosity is astounding. 800 not-for-profit retail outlets.   Bless 'em.
Really? This all started with this: http://images.apple.com/pr/pdf/110415samsungcomplaint.pdf on the 15th April 2011.   Share price then: 327.46 Share price now: 547.06   That sure is a drastic fall...isn't it?
Thank heavens, there was me thinking he was a robot.
I hope in iOS 7 app developers will be able to develop their apps to add functionality to Siri.    Just a silly example: A 'Random Facts' app allowing you to ask Siri to give you a random fact. Or a more sensible one: 'My Vodafone' (an app that lets you see how much data allowance you've used, etc.) allowing you to ask Siri how many minutes, texts or how much data you have left. 
1) "So...where was she murdered?" "St Thomas' Hospital, ma'am." "Why was she there?" "She was shot in the House of Commons." 2) *Hides my crossbow* 3) Interestingly enough, the death penalty for acts of High Treason was only banned in 1997. But it is still punishable with a life prison sentence (that's if the police manage to catch them alive, it's likely that anyone who tries to kill the Queen would most likely get killed by the crowd first :D). But either way, I'd...
1) The reasoning for that is simple: The Palace of Westminster is a Royal Palace, and anyone who dies in a Royal Palace is entitled to a state funeral. Anyone that does die in the Palace of Westminster is taken to (and declared dead at) St Thomas' Hospital. 2) No comment :) 3) And so is tearing a note where the Queen's head is. There's nothing ridiculous about it, at least for the time the laws were put into place. 4) How does that even class a ridiculous law? 5) No...
Right, could you provide evidence to support that statement?   The UK is a member of the EU, and is thus part of the European Court of Human Rights.   http://www.eucharter.org/home.php?page_id=18 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1998/42/contents   Only exceptions are for threatening, abusive or insulting speech/behaviour (but that's to stop people going around and screaming racist or homophobic things to other people).
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