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1) The reasoning for that is simple: The Palace of Westminster is a Royal Palace, and anyone who dies in a Royal Palace is entitled to a state funeral. Anyone that does die in the Palace of Westminster is taken to (and declared dead at) St Thomas' Hospital. 2) No comment :) 3) And so is tearing a note where the Queen's head is. There's nothing ridiculous about it, at least for the time the laws were put into place. 4) How does that even class a ridiculous law? 5) No...
Right, could you provide evidence to support that statement?   The UK is a member of the EU, and is thus part of the European Court of Human Rights.   http://www.eucharter.org/home.php?page_id=18 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1998/42/contents   Only exceptions are for threatening, abusive or insulting speech/behaviour (but that's to stop people going around and screaming racist or homophobic things to other people).
I'm still getting the "The operation couldn’t be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain error -3001.)(102)" error.
I disagree. You can only be forceful and confrontational if people respect you enough to allow you to do so. Jobs had the respect of the company, even when he came back in '96. He could do it, Forstall wasn't liked, so he can't.   There's also a difference between being successfully forceful or horrendously forceful. I suspect Jobs was the former, Forstall the latter.
Google Hong Kong is a lot less limited, as it's protected by the Basic Law.
I think Eddy Cue getting responsibility over Siri and Maps is a great thing, it will finally bring all of their online services together and allow them to deeply integrate them further.   Craig Federighi taking over iOS is a good thing. He knows how to pack many great features into something still very user-friendly, this will hopefully mean a lot more OS X features being ported to iOS! :D Scott Forstall really surprised me, though. I was expecting him to become CEO...
  I think he may have been joking...
  Haha That 'fine' could be being suspended from operating in the UK.
We had an old Panasonic 'fat-back' CRT display for our television. My mother bought it in 1994 and had two kids (so as you can imagine, glue, paint, glitter all coating its exterior). It only stopped working in late 2006/early 2007. Even to its last day it'd power up within five seconds, best telvision ever.   This is sad news.
No, that's not what I said.   I said you are probably the only person (aside from companies) that would complain about multimedia content (and we're not talking about child porn here) not being removed.
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