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Only you, and perhaps big businesses, would complain about that.
Now they'll be able to take stunning photos of their protests against the mainland.
iPhone has a smaller resolution, yet it uses an A6...
Is this Tim Cook doubling down on security?
Really? I'm pretty sure my Canadian teachers don't 'think of themselves' as Americans. Nor does a friend of mine from Brazil.   And while some French people think of themselves as Europeans, many don't. In the same vein as many people from Quebec don't see themselves as being Canadian.   There's a difference between 'thinking of themselves as [...]' and recognising that they are [...]. For example, I don't think of myself as being European. I'd never say 'Oh hi, I'm a...
  Oh no...   What have I done?   (Maybe Samsung will pay me? Wait...they don't pay people for their ideas...)
You mean, like they did in Poland?    
I've got a 2011 13-inch MacBook Air running OS X 10.8.2.   This all started yesterday when I was on Photo Booth. The camera just froze, and 'Heatsink B' shot up to 88ºC and had the fans going at 6500rpm. It remained like that for a good hour or so, even after a couple of restarts and cold boot-ups. Then, the whole thing calmed down and everything appeared to be working...except the camera and ambient light sensor.   So far, I've identified that it is a...
Apple has something big up their sleeve...
Would 'a Rolls Royce among a sea of Fords' work better?
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