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It's our stiff upper-lip, you see.
Haha - my apologies. Being someone who has worked in the Palace of Westminster (British Parliament), I've become familiar with lockdown procedures. It's a shame they never locked it down while I was there, because it would have meant something good (like the Queen visiting, or something :D).    But yes, I was correcting the grammar. Like DigitalClips said:  
  What does, 'locking down a elementary school' mean?   Do you mean, 'locking down AN elementary school'?
  Oooh... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcXi-VYy_Yw     Currys and PC World are owned by Dixons Retail.   Woah - been a long time I've seen a Currys without it being a joint Currys/PC World.       If anything, it's Cars 2 and these rumoured sequels to Toy Story/Finding Nemo that's annoying.
He comes from the UK, why would he have political affiliation to a man that would represent the BNP in the UK?
When you get the good from us (Ive), you also get the bad (Browett).
I could just imagine Ron Johnson reading this. Reading how John Browett wants to turn his retail masterpiece into a standard, basic, unhelpful computer store like PC World.
I usually plug in my iPhone just before I go to bed, when it's pitch-black. Orientation-independent chargers would make life a lot easier.
  I don't think he's talking about a battery that lasts 7 hours. Just one that works for 15 minutes in a 'minimal use' mode. You know, brightness minimal, unused wifi/Blutooth shutdown, automatically stop playing media content, eject disks and other drives and tell the user he has 15 minutes before the computer will power off.
I never really used to think that Samsung copied Apple much...until I saw this picture on someone's Facebook...     At first I was like 'what's up with her iPad?' - then...well...
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