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When you get the good from us (Ive), you also get the bad (Browett).
I could just imagine Ron Johnson reading this. Reading how John Browett wants to turn his retail masterpiece into a standard, basic, unhelpful computer store like PC World.
I usually plug in my iPhone just before I go to bed, when it's pitch-black. Orientation-independent chargers would make life a lot easier.
  I don't think he's talking about a battery that lasts 7 hours. Just one that works for 15 minutes in a 'minimal use' mode. You know, brightness minimal, unused wifi/Blutooth shutdown, automatically stop playing media content, eject disks and other drives and tell the user he has 15 minutes before the computer will power off.
I never really used to think that Samsung copied Apple much...until I saw this picture on someone's Facebook...     At first I was like 'what's up with her iPad?' - then...well...
I suppose they were better than NBC's interview with Ryan Seacrest that disgracefully cut out the tribute to the victims of the 7/7 bombings.
You know, that's pretty awesome.
iWork is having a lot of difficulty downloading iCloud files...
What time? What time zone?   Come on, I want to know if I should stay up until 5am! :D
Apple does provide a way for you to use the secondary display as the primary monitor, just go to System Preferences --> Displays, click and hold the white bar above the first blue screen, then drag it to the second one. It's not idea, no, but it works.
New Posts  All Forums: