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You know, that's pretty awesome.
iWork is having a lot of difficulty downloading iCloud files...
What time? What time zone?   Come on, I want to know if I should stay up until 5am! :D
Apple does provide a way for you to use the secondary display as the primary monitor, just go to System Preferences --> Displays, click and hold the white bar above the first blue screen, then drag it to the second one. It's not idea, no, but it works.
You can't accuse someone of being an Apple fanboy, then act like an Android one.
  You say that as though anyone who pirates movies is the scum of the earth. And to be honest, it's one of the lesser problems on the internet. Focus needs to be on serious offences, like paedophilia. Not downloading a movie that's already grossing hundreds of millions of dollars (or software from a multibillion company, like Apple, Microsoft or Adobe).   Impossible. Many services use P2P that aren't torrent sites.
Hate to sound like a scratched CD, but the grammar in this article is absolutely terrible. I understand this place isn't run by professions, but this is just plain silly.
So, another day...   Another Blackberry blunder.   http://www.latimes.com/business/technology/la-fi-tn-blackberry-rim-tweet-backfires-20120711,0,2022210.story     "@BlackBerry helps me realise how thankful I am to have an iPhone."  
  Hear, hear.    And while $599 is considered 'cheap' by some, I can assure people that it's not for most people. Especially when you have to add a mouse, display, keyboard etc.
  You know what? You've just brought back a series of old memories from when I was like 6 years old, in a world where we had one Windows 98 computer and one Mac (beige box, multi-coloured logo) computer per classroom. Although the 98 computer had virtually the same program.
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