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I could just imagine Ron Johnson reading this. Reading how John Browett wants to turn his retail masterpiece into a standard, basic, unhelpful computer store like PC World.
I usually plug in my iPhone just before I go to bed, when it's pitch-black. Orientation-independent chargers would make life a lot easier.
  I don't think he's talking about a battery that lasts 7 hours. Just one that works for 15 minutes in a 'minimal use' mode. You know, brightness minimal, unused wifi/Blutooth shutdown, automatically stop playing media content, eject disks and other drives and tell the user he has 15 minutes before the computer will power off.
I never really used to think that Samsung copied Apple much...until I saw this picture on someone's Facebook...     At first I was like 'what's up with her iPad?' - then...well...
I suppose they were better than NBC's interview with Ryan Seacrest that disgracefully cut out the tribute to the victims of the 7/7 bombings.
You know, that's pretty awesome.
iWork is having a lot of difficulty downloading iCloud files...
What time? What time zone?   Come on, I want to know if I should stay up until 5am! :D
Apple does provide a way for you to use the secondary display as the primary monitor, just go to System Preferences --> Displays, click and hold the white bar above the first blue screen, then drag it to the second one. It's not idea, no, but it works.
You can't accuse someone of being an Apple fanboy, then act like an Android one.
New Posts  All Forums: