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  You know what? You've just brought back a series of old memories from when I was like 6 years old, in a world where we had one Windows 98 computer and one Mac (beige box, multi-coloured logo) computer per classroom. Although the 98 computer had virtually the same program.
Slightly faster on my MBA, but without all my normal apps. Shut down is faster, too.
I disagree. I use iWeb all the time, I just upload to my own FTP (so I can use my own domain). I've tried virtually every other Windows/Mac based alternative, I still am yet to find ONE that beats iWeb in its simplicity and ease-of-use. Do I use one of the god-awful templates? No, I took mine from Pages and make a custom-designed website. I hope the reason why they dropped iWeb was because they were going to introduce an 'iApp' or something, where you can make a website,...
  What are you talking about? How many service packs have over 200 new features? Including major changes like Voice Dictation, deeper iCloud sync, Notification Centre, new Safari and Facebook/Twitter integration?
It's a simple and logical thought: You have more money, you pay more taxes. 
Puma = Genus  Cougar (Mountain Lion) = Species   Panther is the strange one.
Shame it doesn't let you rate the podcasts you download :(
Who cares? It's probably just an argument with Nest :D
Bloody IRA.
Has the iPhone 3GS been updated (aside from going to 8GB SSD) since its release? No.   Has the MacBook Pro? Yes.
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