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Slightly faster on my MBA, but without all my normal apps. Shut down is faster, too.
I disagree. I use iWeb all the time, I just upload to my own FTP (so I can use my own domain). I've tried virtually every other Windows/Mac based alternative, I still am yet to find ONE that beats iWeb in its simplicity and ease-of-use. Do I use one of the god-awful templates? No, I took mine from Pages and make a custom-designed website. I hope the reason why they dropped iWeb was because they were going to introduce an 'iApp' or something, where you can make a website,...
  What are you talking about? How many service packs have over 200 new features? Including major changes like Voice Dictation, deeper iCloud sync, Notification Centre, new Safari and Facebook/Twitter integration?
It's a simple and logical thought: You have more money, you pay more taxes. 
Puma = Genus  Cougar (Mountain Lion) = Species   Panther is the strange one.
Shame it doesn't let you rate the podcasts you download :(
Who cares? It's probably just an argument with Nest :D
Bloody IRA.
Has the iPhone 3GS been updated (aside from going to 8GB SSD) since its release? No.   Has the MacBook Pro? Yes.
And the United Kingdom would be better off if a proportional amount of products were manufactured and assembled here instead of China. As would Germany, Russia, India, Ireland, France, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand... But why do something that is incredibly more expensive and less flexible?  You should have taken it to the Apple Store, they would have replaced it for you.
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