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Didn't Apple pledge support for HD-DVD and HD in all of it's video/DVD editing and authorizing products? Thought so.
My real test will be the cheesecake
Exactly. I am not expecting this thing to be the cure for cancer, just will be fun to try out on some culinary experiments. And heck buy one get one free, that knocks one of my Christmas presents out of the way But seriously, my father bought a Flow Bee from an infomercial and he loves the thing and it truly lives up to the commercial
I never thought I did but I bought into an infomercial I never for once thought I would be sucked into one but I will admit, the offer was to good to be true. Anyone else think I'm crazy? The Magic Bullet I am not condoning anyone to buy this product, nor do I work for the company.
But keep in mind we still have not seen any real world software writen for Mac OS X on Intel hardware yet. I know this is a hardware debate but it will be interesting to see what kind of optimizations the OS will make to the hardware.
Doesn't this mean that it will be easier to port applications? In theory anyway.
Perfect. Thanks.
So, I do not have a Mac equiped with a built in DVD-R drive but in iDVD can you save the DVD project as a image file (like you can with DVD Studio Pro) and then just burn it with an external burner?
I wonder if this will help improve stability with myspace.
Anyone remember the AIM alliance? Apple/IBM/Motorola? Now it just seems like it's an IBM chip rather than an alliance since all Apple did was invest in the plant in New York. I don't think we will see a change except the fact it will say Intel rather than PowerPC. As everyone else has said, Intel is getting enough publicity now with this as is. You have had to really live under a rock to not know what Apple and Intel are currently up to.....
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