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Selling your students privacy for cheaper hardware is not a good decision in my mind.
First it is not so easy to get out of the EU. I even don't know if they have any regulations in place that define such a process.Second the system only works because Luxembourg and Ireland are in the EU. It breaks if either of the countries leaves the EU.So this is not an alternative for Ireland.
Which is a very sad statement for a democracy!We have come far from "power by the people".
Hope these rumors aren't true. I don't like Apple to play the 800 pound gorilla card in that way.
I don't understand the obsession with the cloud. There are useful applications, but my personal photos have no business being hosted on Apples servers.   But when I want to use my Apple TV to stream my photos to my TV I have to save the photos in the cloud. I don't mind if Apple offers this option to those that don't mind but why do they remove an option that was working perfectly for the rest of us?
To all those who demand an A9 Mac, have you thought obout the software side of that computer. Are you going to buy all software new, because with A9 Apple is back to the old PowerPC/Intel problem.
I would hope that Apple holds out now (as they haven't done anything interesting with the mini for the last few years) for Skylake and DDR4.   I bought my last mini in 2009, the last one with the nvidea integrated gpu. Although I upgraded the RAM to the max of 4GB and replaced the DVD drive with a SSD to build my own Fusion drive my mini is showing its age.   I am waiting for the next upgrade but would hate if it is a Broadwell as Skylake is looming on the horizont....
Why do start a new rant on government (EU) when the actual reason why these questionnaires were sent out is:
Well I think the requirements on patents in Europe are a bit higher than in the US. In Europe you cannot patent a well known technology just with the words added "...but it's on mobile". At least thats my impression when reading the stories about patent trolls and many of the patents involved in these cases.
I always bought the newest iPhone and didn't mind to pay the price Apple was asking for it. But with the 'big screens only' choice Apple caught me on the left foot.   I applause that Apple will bring back the 4'' Phone with newer technology but I hate that they give that treatment only to last years phone.
New Posts  All Forums: