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Buying used - a device with good privacy security is available to many... But what are they going to do? Install Facebook, WhatsApp, gmail, Chrome ...   Unfortunately the user is always the weakest link. 
Ireland didn't complain when the EU was funneling billions of euros to Ireland (which still is happening), so I think they have no reason to complain when the EU forces them to follow EU laws.
If you tilt the phone could you drain the water from the sea and give you free sight to the sea floor?
"Siri bring back photo streaming from my computer at home!"
A bit off to topic. I would really hope that they start air gapping the infotainment from the essential controls in the car that can save your life.That's also a big problem for fully self driving cars as they most probably will be connected to the internet constantly.
Any ideas who could be the judge presiding over a possible trial? 
Well the AppleTV never was the big wow in Europe. The channel selection is a joke.   Now Apple has downgraded the AppleTV even more with the new iTunes. Forcing me to save my pictures on an Apple server to be able to watch the pictures on my TV is unacceptable. I don't want to stream 80GB of data around the world to watch my pictures that sit on my computer.   I have no problem with the new option as long as they would have retained the old perfectly working...
Fire fighters?
Selling your students privacy for cheaper hardware is not a good decision in my mind.
First it is not so easy to get out of the EU. I even don't know if they have any regulations in place that define such a process.Second the system only works because Luxembourg and Ireland are in the EU. It breaks if either of the countries leaves the EU.So this is not an alternative for Ireland.
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