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Second that. They really have to work on energy efficiency for the ATV. But looking at the iPad Apple could pull it in near future.
You heard it first in post #59!!! Looking at the gizmodo pictures the new design really grows on me.
I see that glass or zirconia is radio transparent, but what about the weight. If you are looking at the density of glass it is ca. 2x that of plastic. Worse for zirconia: zirconia has a density ca. 5x that of plastic. The plastic parts for mobile phones are really thin, I don't think you can make a glass or a zirconia part that thin -> which ads more to the weight. And don't get me started on the price of glass or zirconia. I don't want to dismiss the possibility of...
As the situation is now, there won't be any effect to our climate. The ash cloud sits at ca. 5-10km height. It won't stay there long because of wind and rain. If the ash gets up to 20km the situation could get a little more interesting. As for the price difference US/EU it is not so bad has it has been in the past. I don't know if it is really more expensive for Apple to sell computers in the EU than it is in the US as Apple isn't running a lot of brick and mortar stores...
In January a regulation from the EU came into force, saying that standby mode for consumer products must not exceed 2W (from 2014 just 1W). http://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/...45:0052:en:PDF Apple is still selling the AppleTV in Europe. I thought it would be covered by the new regulation. I do not own an AppleTV. Does Apple offer the standby mode? I read that you can put it to sleep(?) mode by pressing the play button for 6 seconds. I was hoping that Apple could...
What about Apple's patent for a screen that can take pictures (videos?)? I don't know if you would have to hold the screen perpendicular to the scene you want to film or if it needs a special angle that you regularly adjust to when working with a tablet.
I think you are right. And we already see the first incarnation of that trend - the netbook. The netbooks are not the first and only computer for many users. These netbooks just complement the computer they already own. I think people will buy new computers for their home in a slower pace than they did before, but I can believe that they will replace the laptops at their home (they leave it there because of their new netbook) with a cheaper more powerful desktop.
Because that will put all the CO2 that is produced to make aluminium on the bill of chinese companys and Apple keeps its green vest. That's what the car manufacturers do. They put alumninium parts in their cars, that are produced in Asia or South America. Then they calculate the energy savings for the recycled parts that come effective in 30 years into this years balance. --> Voila ... green car manufacturer
Sorry but the entry Mini is still 1GB. And in Austria availability is 24h.
I wouldn't even put the 7200rpm drive in the Mini. Just buy a FW800 external enclosure and you will be fine. If you have some experience upgrading regular PC's you can upgrade the RAM in the Mini at a reasonable fear-level. Your second Mini will be easy.
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