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Could these "new i-Phone" covers suit a new slightly revamped iPod touch? The iPod touch already has rounded corners and is thinner than the IP4.
+1 You are so right. Populating the ban list with these people makes reading AI a lot more fun!
Would have loved to pay the same price if they had added a 64/128GB SSD drive for OSX and a few often used apps. A SSD drive really would have been a killer feature!
If you don't mind the external drive you can use any USB DVD drive for 40 bucks you can buy at any electronics shop.
Has anybody a good idea why Apple is sliding although all analysts are giving it an overweight rating with price targets going even to the 500s?
Interestingly Apple's iPhone leads in 8 out of 11 countries regarding internet usage.
If Apple introduces the iTV I just hope that they don't kill the ATV. They tend to offer very few different models in one category and to be honest my TV in the living room is larger than 30'' and the TVs in other rooms are a lot smaller (because of space constraints). I have no problem with iTV as long as the keep selling the ATV.
I don't know if even THE Steve thought about the iPhone in 1998 already. Possibly he did but there was no iPhone until 2007.
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