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So that pretty much confirms the new high res screen for iPad2!
I don't think it will be a big problem for t-mobile. When you believe the report on n-tv http://www.n-tv.de/technik/Telekom-i...le1376536.html t-mobile has a backlog of 9 weeks for the IP4. When the other carriers run in the same problem there not much of a threat.
It wouldn't be the first time that Apple is chasing design goals, thus increasing (cost of manufacturing) the ASP until they lose the consumer and instead of refining the product or the price they just kill it all the way (Cube anyone)!
That could get really entertaining!
If you can believe the numbers on this site: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-the-...m-and-cdma.htm then GSM is about 4 times the size of CDMA worldwide. But I think that 270 million possible subscribers should be big enough to recover costs for the development of a CDMA phone. And as far as I know even with 4G they would need CDMA for those providers because CDMA would be their fall back strategy when 4G is not available. And I think Apple shouldn't hand a walled...
I now tried to match the Mini with the cheapest iMac. CPU in the Mini is 400MHz slower. Same HD capacity, same RAM size, Magic mouse, wireless keyboard. iMac has the 9400M. Without a monitor the Mini is already € 150,- more expensive than the iMac missing 400MHz in CPU speed and a Monitor. If Apple wants me to buy the iMac why don't they just EOL the Mini? At the moment I just can't see where Apple wants to go with the Mini???
I just hope that the others don't copy too much from Apple on that front. I believe that the unibody approach made the products better for mobile use. But from an environmental point of view I don't believe Apple's arguments. When you think about how much Aluminum has to be produced and recycled because of the milling process and you take into account that China is producing most of its energy by firing coal I don't believe that this argument can hold its ground. Next they...
To be honest I don't know if the MBP did go up during the last update, but I think it didn't. The MBP did receive a similar update if not better and didn't go up in price, so my question is where is the difference in those two products from a technical point of view that the Mini had to raise by 16%. I know that the others don't really have better offers in that form factor. The question the whole discussion hinges on is: Is it necessary to make a desktop that small? And...
The cube comes to memory. Excellently crafted pice of hardware. Setting new standards in designing desktops and shrinking them to a nice size - but at the cost of affordability. To my mind the cube failed because of it's price. I know Apple is selling it's products by quality and design, but I think the Mini could be in danger to get priced outside of a sensible price range. And a 16% price raise to update some of the internals to state of the art seems a bit high.
If it accepts my D-Link NAS that works as a ITunes server too and I can plug in a real network cable - have 1Gb network in my house - I'm sold. Waited for this device for 2 years.
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