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You meen the same SEC that is investigating on Madoff's broker company since 1992 and wasn't able to digg up any wrongdoing? I think all these reports of analysts have to be treated the same way as statistics: Don't trust any statistic until you faked it yourself!
Well the MacBookPro has a Firewire-Port, so it must be Pro equipment. Sorry couldn't resist.
T-Mobile Germany has beaten Kaufmann Bros. to the punch. They already offer the i-Phone for € 1,- (8 GB; € 20,- for 16 GB). You need to sign a contract with € 69,- of monthly cost minimum. But you can have an i-Phone wih just € 1,- initial cost. http://shop.t-mobile.de/iphone/tarif...1410-_,00.html
Take a look at the latest release of MacBooks. A price hike cannot be discarded, looking at Apple's history.
As for the CF-stuff many points have already been taken: The carbon fibers will account for about 95% of the cost, the resin is negligible. Apple wouldn't use unidirectional fibers but a mesh for biaxial strength. Most probably - as they were bragging about torsional stiffness - they will have to use several layers of mesh with the fibers at an angle of 45° between two different layers. Producing carbon fibers takes a lot of energy because you have to heat plastic...
Anyone thought if Apple could subsidize the HD-TV shows. NBC would get more money, as the always wanted, Apple can strengthen its market position in the video land and has the bragging rights to deliver the shows at the announced price. If they sell enough of the shows it could hit Apple's margins. But I could be wrong as usual.
Apple should try to get some promos here in Europe. They are making about 20% of extra profit here because of the weak dollar (a MBP for $ 1,999.- in the US translates to $ 2,400.- here in Europe). Moving some more Macs in Europe would be quite desirable. So the exchange rate is a mixed bag, it hurts Apple on the one hand but it helps Apple on the other one.
It just puzzled me that there is such a big difference in their own product line. As you correctly said music players have a surcharge here, but computers don't. Anyway regularly I can stand the difference between the US and Europe (I can't change it anyway), but this time I couldn't hold it back and I had to let it go.
Does anybody know why $1 for a iPod is less worth than $1 for a Mac. When I buy a iPod 32GB in the US I have to pay $499, when I do the same in the Austrian store I have to pay €459. But when I buy a Mac mini (base configuration) in the US I have to pay $599, in the Austrian store I have to pay €599. So for the iPod the ratio is: $1=€0,90 for the Mac the ratio is : $1=€1 As I am in the market for a Mac and not a iPod, this isn't nice! For the difference in the ratio I...
Apple isn't following it's own marketing plot. On the one hand Apple condemns the "greedy music labels" for forcing the consumer to buy bundles of their products, but when it comes to Apple's own products it is ok to sell it just as a bundle?
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