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What for can I use Gracenote regarding the DVD, BR area? Will iTunes make a database of all the DVDs I own, so I can make my choice without having to go through all the physical discs? As far as I know Apple won't be allowed to distribute a software that circumvents the encryption of a DVD, BR disc. But hasn't Apple struck a deal with Disney that would allow you to rip a iPod usable copy of the movie?
It woudln't have been a first time for Apple. Remember the B&W G3 PowerMacs. When Apple released the G4 PowerMac they issued a Firmware update for the G3s, saying to improve PATA reliability. The PATA was as flaky as before, but after applying the update you couldn't upgrade your PM to a G4. I don't know the reason for this miniDP issue or if it is real, but Apple can be cumbersome sometimes.
Could someone, at the Q2 2009 financial results conference call, ask them what has happened to this statement from SJ:Unfortunately I don't hold any stock in Apple, but it would be interesting to hear their explanation for this statement, that is not reflected by their own iTS. Anyone there on the 22nd?
No viruses, no spyware - 20 years - no problems. I know there were some viruses for the classic Max OS, but never used AV software and never got hit by a virus. Now I am working as a locked down user. Rarely using the administrator account, and when I use the admin account I don't use teh Intarweb.
I think they could get updated with the core i5 in fall.
Oh, there is one person that says it doesn't fit (possibly even it is too large!). Steve Jobs. And there goes our beloved xMac to nowhere land.
It is an BTO option even on the "cheaper" mini. (and sequitur mentioned it as a BTO option) If you want to do it on your own you are out of luck, as you correctly said the proc is soldered to the mainboard.
Yes, you can!
Can you confirm that it is resolved? I want to buy a mini and it would be nice to know that this problem is fixed.
If they want to do this they have to reverse engineer the chip. Doing so, this could bring them into DMCA hot water.
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