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If they want to do this they have to reverse engineer the chip. Doing so, this could bring them into DMCA hot water.
Sorry, but that is not exactly true. As you can seehttp://www.appleinsider.com/articles...s_of_acer.html the share of Apple in the US in the 4th Q of 2008 was 8%, worldwide Apple even doesn't get mentioned explicitly but is summed up in "Others". I think Apple is hovering at about 3-4% worldwide.
I wanted to say that Apple has not tripled it's margin at the low end PM. Sorry if my English was too bad to send that image correctly. I also never said that the Cube was priced too high because of margin, if the price was necessary by design they possibly were looking for the wrong niche to position it to. But nevertheless they wasted R&D money, and I know its easier to say this after seeing the outcome.
I don't agree with the triple the margin on the low end PM too, but I disagree with your assertion that Apple wouldn't waste big R&D money because of stupid decisions. The Cube is a product that digested a lot of R&D money and was sent to retail hell just by pricing it out of any reality. It had it's design and engineering flaws too, but the reason for it's nose dive was the price. Furthermore I think Apple is riding the crisis quite comfortably now, because they sell to...
Well I think in the performance/watt range the mini has improved for sure (Intel North and Southbridge are hot powerhogs, and penryn uses less power than merom when compared clock for clock). For the iMac there might be some improvement, because it is now using the Nvidia chips also. As far as I have read about the test, it just tests the cpu and nothing else. So any improvement from RAM and GPU or HD will not be recognized. I don't know, but will DDR3 help the IGP?
[OPINION] I think you're right. Apple had to keep even the higher priced Mac mini at 2 GHz in the standard configuration to differentiate the iMac with clockspeed. Apple won't play the same clockspeed game when it can transition the iMac to Nehalem mobile. After the iMac gets its update to the new platform, the mini's clockspeed will raise a bit (hopefully even up to 2.5GHz) and will stay there for at least another year. [/OPINION]
Even forgot to say that most of the development costs for the Mini could be laid of to the MB 2006 as the Mini shares most/all(?) features of the motherboard with the MB from 3 years ago.
There you can perfectly see why the Mini is still around and hasn't received a update till now. Profit in the size of what Apple makes from the MBs. We are told that Apple makes about 30% margin on the MBs, but thats margin not profit. 30% of $ 1,500.- ~ $ 500.- If you subtract all things from the studio hybrid to match the Mini you save about $ 460,-. With the Mini you can't match the HD size and you don't get draft n wireless and no way to upgrade the Mini to 3 GB RAM by...
Seconded We don't have to loose all our manner, just because this is the internet.
You are correct, even if they don't have to fear the EULA, copyright law will break their neck. (if they really preinstall the OS and don't put the retail box in their package without preinstalling)
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