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It could be so easy for Apple: Call the upgrade a upgrade and everything is dandy . (dreyfus2 pointed that out several times). As we (not Joe Six Pack) know the retail box is a upgrade, why is Apple shy to call it exactly that. If that is not enough: create a installer that is looking for a previous installed Mac Os or if it can't find one is asking for a original OS Disk that has been supplied by Apple with your computer. There is no need for serial numbers and...
Sorry. I referenced to Virgil-TB2's post but didn't point that out exactly.
But very few people calculate it that thoroughly. See how many iPhones are sold now that they are subsidized by the providers and the users bleed the price difference through their nose each month (and do so happily). If this financial crises goes on throughout 2009 this could be Apple's weak point. They might not loose profitability as Apple is defending it's margins with all they have. But Apple might loose considerable revenue. As to the BMW analogy: not a good one. BMW...
Unfortunately if Steve recovers until June completely (which I wish to him from a personal point) Tim will not be long enough in the driver's seat to do any good to the desktops. Apple tries to ride the financial crises on the mobile side and being hip and fashionable. If the crises expands a bit longer and shows no sign of recovery until mid 2009, Apple will fail and have to reconsider and act fast (my personal opinion).
As carbon fibers are highly conductive, I would assume that they shield the the whole thing in a similar way as a metal body.
I'll second that. The only marks that I can see are 99% ejector marks.
With all the ISPs messing around with bandwidth and caps on special protocols or IPs to press more money from the one or the other end, this is not for me at the moment. Another reason might be that Apple isn't doing any good with AppleTV here in Austria.
I would hope that apple just defaults to not installing excess printer drivers and language packages, but lets you customize your install to opt in for all the drivers/languages you need. Afterwards software update should take care that your printer drivers are up to date. And when you plug in a new printer it should check the internet for the latest drivers as those distributed on the disks are mostly out of date already.
Which ever is necessary to bring some new life to the desktop line!
May your words find their way into god's (Steve's?) ear canal!!
New Posts  All Forums: