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Apple has to pay for the servers the bandwidth and you get a better product too (no DRM and higher bit-rate), so why are you complaining?
As any serious development involving Papermaster experience will show first results long after this 6 month period, what is IBM going to win?
How does Intego know the exact numbers how often these "spezial" software packages have been downloaded. I would think if these packages are on P2P no one can really know!
As the game calls for a G4 and the MacBook has an Intel C2D you won't be able to run it. Unless you have an iBook instead of the MB than you are out of luck.
second that
I know this technology has been long talked up and never has come really to fruition. What if the new battery is some sort of fuell cell - no need to swap batteries, just refuell in seconds??
As the Mini is using a 110W powersupply Apple could even use the new 65W quadcore cpus . I allways thought it is not possible becouse of the heat, but if the Mini can now cope the 110W why should it not cool a 65W cpu (I know there are more components that produce heat). As the Mini was allways sharing it's components with the MB, why needed the Mini a powersupply allmost double the Watts as the MB although the Mini never had to drive a display?
I am too thinking that Apple will put the MiniDP into the Mini, but as there are no Displays (except the ACD) nor adapters available for MiniDP how is Apple going to sell the Mini. They can't believe that I buy a $ 800,- screen from Apple to accomodate the "cheap" Mini!
You meen the same SEC that is investigating on Madoff's broker company since 1992 and wasn't able to digg up any wrongdoing? I think all these reports of analysts have to be treated the same way as statistics: Don't trust any statistic until you faked it yourself!
Well the MacBookPro has a Firewire-Port, so it must be Pro equipment. Sorry couldn't resist.
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