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As for the Mini I wouldn't hold my breath. Apple neglected the Mini for about 2 years before they revamped it in March. But as Wizard said: We are talking about Apple - You never know! For your use the current Mini should more than enough. I bought one in April and upgraded the RAM to 4 Gigs for € 50.-. You should have the Mini at 2 Gigs at least. There was quite some difference. Futhermore if you have 2 Gigs the graphics card will use double the RAM than it is using when...
xMac!! (couldn't resist )
How big is Apple's share in the music distribution business ~20-30% (in the USA)? Apple has grown to be the biggest distributor in the USA, but I think they are far from a monopoly.
As far as I know Apple created iTunes to sell hardware (iPods and now iPhones), so why should Apple allow other companies to use part of Apple's ecosystem to sell non Apple hardware?
Where does that leave the iMac? 2GHz sounds a bit low for a desktop (for $ 1,000). After Apple skimped on the Quad Core 2 Duos I thought that they would use the mobile Nehalem variant. But at this speed and THIS price it doesn'd sound likely.
I would appreciate a Apple TV that is using a lot less power than their current device. Is their something like the Nvidia Ion chipset but for ARMs? Will Apple allow the playback of legal media that are not iTunes compatible at the moment. Will Apple improve the support for many of the different codecs?
I see were you are coming from ('Tg', I thought the same as you in the beginning), but at the same time they call it prepregs in their filing which would hint to thermosetting resin? Anyway recycling will be a bitch, unless you call it quits and just decompose it thermally.
What for can I use Gracenote regarding the DVD, BR area? Will iTunes make a database of all the DVDs I own, so I can make my choice without having to go through all the physical discs? As far as I know Apple won't be allowed to distribute a software that circumvents the encryption of a DVD, BR disc. But hasn't Apple struck a deal with Disney that would allow you to rip a iPod usable copy of the movie?
It woudln't have been a first time for Apple. Remember the B&W G3 PowerMacs. When Apple released the G4 PowerMac they issued a Firmware update for the G3s, saying to improve PATA reliability. The PATA was as flaky as before, but after applying the update you couldn't upgrade your PM to a G4. I don't know the reason for this miniDP issue or if it is real, but Apple can be cumbersome sometimes.
Could someone, at the Q2 2009 financial results conference call, ask them what has happened to this statement from SJ:Unfortunately I don't hold any stock in Apple, but it would be interesting to hear their explanation for this statement, that is not reflected by their own iTS. Anyone there on the 22nd?
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