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Apple should try to get some promos here in Europe. They are making about 20% of extra profit here because of the weak dollar (a MBP for $ 1,999.- in the US translates to $ 2,400.- here in Europe). Moving some more Macs in Europe would be quite desirable. So the exchange rate is a mixed bag, it hurts Apple on the one hand but it helps Apple on the other one.
It just puzzled me that there is such a big difference in their own product line. As you correctly said music players have a surcharge here, but computers don't. Anyway regularly I can stand the difference between the US and Europe (I can't change it anyway), but this time I couldn't hold it back and I had to let it go.
Does anybody know why $1 for a iPod is less worth than $1 for a Mac. When I buy a iPod 32GB in the US I have to pay $499, when I do the same in the Austrian store I have to pay €459. But when I buy a Mac mini (base configuration) in the US I have to pay $599, in the Austrian store I have to pay €599. So for the iPod the ratio is: $1=€0,90 for the Mac the ratio is : $1=€1 As I am in the market for a Mac and not a iPod, this isn't nice! For the difference in the ratio I...
Apple isn't following it's own marketing plot. On the one hand Apple condemns the "greedy music labels" for forcing the consumer to buy bundles of their products, but when it comes to Apple's own products it is ok to sell it just as a bundle?
It's interesting, Apple is the good guy because they fight the music labels for forcing people to buy bundles and not wanting to sell their content a la carte. But then Apple is very reluctant to sell their own product wihtout bundling. They force people who just want the iPhone to buy an extremly expensive contract togehter with the phone. To my mind Apple contradicts to it's own marketing plot they have set up for the music industry.
I wanted to buy a AppleTv since it was released, but there are two unresolved questions. 1. I want more viedeo formats 2. What's the power usage of the AppleTV, when its playing a video and when its in Standby? On the spec-sheet Apple just states it uses a 48Watt power-supply. Does anyone really know how much power it uses. (someone stated that it uses 32Watts in Standby(??))
Well I think I read on Ars that they are thinking of burning ehtanol (or methanol) and use the created heat to make the electricity necessary to run your computer. So you recharge by just refilling your ethanol tank. But I have no idea what the do with the 80% excess heat during this process. You could use the exhaust as a cigaret lighter! But who dares smoking in these times?
Does it tell anything that the only program Adobe has competition on the Mac is the only Universal Application?
$ 200.- for an iPod, Phone, PDA is too cheap. It doesn't sound like Apple. They could charge $ 200.- for any of these things on its own. But if we assume that we are talking about one hardware transforming into the different tools via software, how would it look like you pay $ 200.- for the hardware and one function activated. When you want another function, like the phone or the pda you have to pay another 200 bucks and receive an activation code. (hmmm selling one...
Why does the mini look so expansive in comparison to the iMac? I can get a 20'' iMac for € 1,500.-; 20'' LCD, 2GHz Core 2 duo; 250 GB HD, 1 GB RAM, keyboard, mouse, 128MB dedicated graphics card. For a outspeced mini I have to pay € 1,972.-; 20''ADC, 1,83 GHz Core duo, 160 GB HD, 1 GB RAM, GMA 950, keyboard, mouse The difference between these 2 systems is almost a second mini (bare bones) I want to use it for 1 year and then retire it to the living room for video and...
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