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Well I think in the end we are talking about the same thing. Apple Ireland imposes a high IP cost on the wholesale price for the iPhone to transfer profits from Germany to Ireland.Ford is imposing a high IP cost on the service of doing the engineering and drawing of the parts.
You forget that Apple excessively reduces its profits for Apple Germany by IP costs imposed by Apple Ireland. There are rumors that Apple has a special agreement with Ireland that they have to pay less tax for profits made in Ireland (a rate of 2.5% has been indicated). And that agreement gets Ireland and Apple in the focus of the EU comission (as this advantage is not offered to all corporations in Ireland). The "Double Irish with a Dutch Sandwich" will possibly changed...
Can we sue them?
Steve Ballmer 2.0?
But doesn't NSA, FBI... serve you with secret warrants from a secret court where you will incriminate yourself by telling your lawyer that you were served the warrant because the warrant tells you that you are not allowed to tell anybody.
Is this our chance to return to smaller iPhone hardware again?
So what is Apple going to do next year? As going Jumbo-size is the only worthwhile path for Apple. 6.5''?I think what is in the phone is much more important than a new size and a new case!
I sure believed that Apple would release a larger screen, as you could see that they were quite popular. But to be honest Apple cought me on the left foot with discontinuing the 4'' factor with this years technology.   I was prepared to upgrade this year from my iP5 but now I will wait another year. And the discussion of lets see how many phones Apple sells now are without any merit, because we all know Apple will sell more phones than they sold before. That is how it...
I don't know if you should do this, because in one of the trials for Apple's design of the iPhone or iPad the tablets in the Star Trek saga have been used as prior art. Can't remember if the judge accepted that.
Would be great if that was a 4'' phone with this years technology (2015).
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