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I wanted to buy a iPhone 5c for my daughter. But with all new binaries going fat next february 8GB of flash with a bigger iOS8 look a bit scary.
You haven't really read my post. I said that Apple is giving the mini a lackluster price/performance ratio in comparison to its iMac and mobile offerings. Never talked about the competitors, only about Apple!
Your arguments are balanced and hard to rebut.I think that you and the PC manufacturers are right, at least within a short time frame, and from a pure business point of view.But seeing how many people use their laptops as de facto desktops I can't believe that the desktop is as dead as it is proclaimed.Maybe I am just a dreamer? May be I am, as I said before, just to much niche in my needs. The same as with jumbo phones. I don't think 6'' phones are the way to go.The same...
This split exists because Apple is artificially building its strategy to get there. They heavily promote their mobile gear and the iMac, all other machines are requisites. To my mind you are wrongfully taking the result created by Apple's willful decisions as the reason why Apple had to take these decisions. The buying behavior form Apple's customers was created by Apple marketing heavily the mobiles and iMac and letting the other machines languish at a bad...
I know I'm not Apple's prime target for this machine but it is the only machine that reasonably meets my needs for it.No iMac for me, don't need a new screen, keyboard or mouse. Mac Pro is far out of my needs. MB or MBA I do not need, I have one for work. I have an early 2009 Mac mini that I wanted to replace with this revision, but I will wait another 2 years. I will just slow down my adoption rate.
Unfortunately you don't get Iris graphics in the base model.And the HD5000 at those low frequencies isn't any better than the HD4000 at the higher frequencies in the 2012 base model. Furthermore they are skimping on the RAM in the base model that comes with a 500Gig HDD. So any swapping necessary with higher requirements of Yosemite will bring this machine to a grinding halt.  And that is the machine that is targeted to the technically inexperienced. They expect a snappy...
Just make the Mini bad enough that the sale numbers go further down. Then argue: Nobody wanted to buy the Mini anyway -->EOLed
To my mind the cheapest Mac mini is a downgrade to its predecessor. I compared an MBA2012 (Ivy Bridge I5 1.8GHz HD4000) to an MBA2013 (Haswell I5 1.3GHz HD5000) and the newer MBA wasn't any faster. Graphics were even slower.   Now they drop the Mac mini2012 (Ivy Bridge I5 2.5/3.1GHz HD4000) to a Mac mini2014 (Haswell I5 1.4/2.7GHz HD5000). I believe that is going to be ugly in the benchmarks.   And to make things worse we are stuck another 2-3 years with Haswell, now...
Could GT Advanced try to get out of the licensing via Chapter 11, putting more pressure on Apple?
Well I think in the end we are talking about the same thing. Apple Ireland imposes a high IP cost on the wholesale price for the iPhone to transfer profits from Germany to Ireland.Ford is imposing a high IP cost on the service of doing the engineering and drawing of the parts.
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