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I don't know if you should do this, because in one of the trials for Apple's design of the iPhone or iPad the tablets in the Star Trek saga have been used as prior art. Can't remember if the judge accepted that.
Would be great if that was a 4'' phone with this years technology (2015).
That would sound Apple like and I hope they do it that way.But I haven't found any report on how Apple will do. Will absolutely wait until I know how it works.
Not necessarily. I think it was a British University that proved that you can comfortably read data from a NFC chip with the receiver being 3/4 meters away from the chip.I want to know if Apple can suppress the reading of the chip unless you press TouchID. Furthermore what data are transmitted. Is it data that will change with every transaction or can my data be mined?Furthermore I want to know if Apple will sometime start to deliver this years technology in smaller (4'')...
Nice little typo! ;-)
They are still selling PC with PS/2 keyboards as standard.
You forgot about Flash. Without Flash it is not up to date!
If it wasn't that sad the verdict against Apple would start looking comical.
Amazon at work, fighting for the best price for the consumer! /s
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