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The EU is investigating the tax regulation of Ireland, Luxemburg and the Netherlands for giving Apple anticompetitive advantage via lower taxes. If the EU finds any wrong doing it will be that of the tax offices in those countries. But never the less Apple will have to pay higher taxes.But for click bait it is better to write Apple is investigated when the tax offices and their tax agreements with Apple are at issue.
Unfortunately these patent war chests just make it more difficult for the small guy to get into business. As we can see patent or no patent doesn't stop the 800 pound gorillas, but it stops the small guys that cannot risk getting cought with their patents down to their ankles.
Estimated shipments not reported shipments or even reported sales!These numbers are calculated by IDC.
As long as they also make a fully spec'd (Apple style) iPhone (sans giant screen) I am fully for it.
Bezel, Top and Cut out for the Home button just seem to be scaled up version of the iphone5s. Don't believe Apple would do this. Not for me.
Just an advice for Samsung: "Innovate don't litigate!!"
I just checked the Apple site and you are correct.The question now is: Is Apple forced by European low to manage it that way or was Apple massaging the whole process to let us customers pay for Apple's tax cuts in Ireland?
When hardwiring the phone can it then use the bigger antennas of the car, or would it still use it's one with all the rays being reflected inside the car until they can escape through one of the windows?
 When I think about what is released by the labels I have just one thought: "Help!"
Florian Mueller from Foss patents gave these Samsung statements regarding the verdict a nice touch 
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