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 My observation is that a lot of women carry those large screen phones. And as a trend they don't put it in a purse but carry it in their hands all the time. Don't know if that is sign of addiction or something else. I use my phone for making phone calls  managing my contacts and calendar, reading e-mail and looking things up on the web when on the road.The 4'' screen of my iP 5 is big enough for my usage pattern. I just hope Apple will continue to make high end phone with...
Could we ask the NSA how many individual iOS and Android devices have been used last month for internet and how many for regular phone calls. I would love to check the 1 Billion Android (activated) number! 
The watch can be tacked on with a widget 
I'm most interested in games and apps.
The title should read "Windows Phone and Blackberry more secure than iOS!" /s
That's one of the problems with our world. If you cannot squeeze out dollars of it, it is of no value. /s To me my privacy is of great value.
Is there a way to switch it off safely. Thinking of NSA and Google this sounds really creepy. That's an absolut no go for me!
What qualifies a phone to be called a smart phone. Are there any minimum specifications it has to meet?  
Compression is already aweful on regular HD. What will compression be doing to 4K content?  
Could be a  reasonable explanation for this accident.
New Posts  All Forums: