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I know amorphous metals from academic studies but I am not sure if it is really ready for mass production. The process of producing amorphous metals is pretty expensive as it involves the special recipes and a super fast cooling to prevent the metal from crystalizing. This means the original junk of metal is small because of the need of super fast cooling. You then have to merge these really small junks of metal to a bigger one during the process. When I looked at...
I think that is a pretty ingenious move by apple to force Nokia to license it's 50 patent families essential to the SIM technology for free. Just from the age of the SIM technology I assume that Apple holds no patents in that technology.By building on that technology and offering it to ETSI under the mentioned terms they can further on use the technology for free (as long as ETSI chooses Apple's design). Even if Apple doesn't succeed with it's move the licenses for the SIM...
When talking to the Austrian patent office I learned that if a patent has very broad claims you can issue an application for more or less the same thing as long as you are more specific. If the other one is unlucky and his product falls into your specific claims you can enforce your patent on him because those parts that are covered by your specific claims will cut a hole into his claims. Of course you have to add some new BlaBla functionality to claim it being inventive.
As far as I know in the US Patents are based on the invention date. If you can prove that you invented it first it doesn't matter that you filed it later. But I think that the US is in the process to change that to the regulation you mentioned.
Seems like a desperate "All in" kind of move!
I don't think that sales will go down that far as (stated in the article) additional 22 countries are going to driver further growth.
I would believe the hinges are made by MIM (Metal Injection Molding).
"There's a shirt for that!"
From http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...d_quarter.htmlI would say that the 27.8mil smartphones is just a guess by an analyst as Samsung doesn't give any "real" numbers anymore.
If you believe THE Steve Apple is not building a Space Station but a Spaceship. I think construction should start in 2012 in Cupertino!
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