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Could be a  reasonable explanation for this accident.
But when she grabs the phone and not the charger all she can touch are ~5V (USB voltage). That shouldn't even be enough for a tingle on the skin (even when dripping wet). On the other hand if the charger was broken and supplied 110V AC (220V AC?) the phone should have been fried already? Besides the tragedy for the family I have got some skepticism on the report.  
When thorougly reading the article you can read that Apple made 15billion operating profits in the EU and 10% of revenues are attributed ot the UK. That would mean that Apple made ~1,5billion operating profits in the UK, but they are reporting 102million. Do you really think that selling goods in the UK is so much more expensive than in the rest of the EU? The question that has to be answered is why has Apple so mediocre profits in the UK!   Is Apple Ireland...
Doesn't blocking ads on Android counter Google's business plan?
I'm curious what Samsung's profit in mobile department will be after Apple departed with their parts to other suppliers.
This action by Adobe has nothing to do with piracy. Piracy is just the red hering. It is about locking their customers in and make more money from them.   Until now Adobe had to bring enough new features for their customers to pay for the update, now they don't need new features. Their customers have to pay anyway if they don't want to loose access to their past work.   Will the new updates be forced on your computer when Adobe releases one? As buggy as...
"However, if a user turns off Siri on their device, their randomized identifier is deleted, along with any data associated with it." How can Apple delete my voice clips if they are not connect to my account ? I have no problem with Apple storing it, but that remark i don't understand.
Ah that's just more Android and Surface users changing there user agent to iPad because the web ist optimized for the iPad. /s  
Never going to use it because of their rotten privacy policy. I'd like to keep my private data private.   https://www.google.at/search?q=whatsapp+privacy+concerns&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:de:official&client=firefox-a  
  Well you already got data mined. Never heard of the privacy mess that WA is? I wouldn't touch WA with a 10 foot pole. But that's me. I know many that have no issue with giving up their privacy.  
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