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Would Apple go again with just one supplier? Maybe TSMC for the iPhone on 28nm and Samsung on 32nm for the iPad? Hopefully they can find a few more reliable suppliers for the chips.  
  Sorry but Apple isn't claiming that the iP4 can't do turn by turn. I have got an iP4 and turn by turn navigation works perfectly. When you install iOS6 the iP4 will do the trick. Don't know about the 3GS.
  I read that Julie Larson-Green was one of the responsible software engineers for the tiles/Metro look!
I can't understand that just porting the same idea and technology to a different device makes said idea patentable again. It is not new, just slapped on a different device.
Well, according to this report on the german web page n-tv.de IDC does so: In the report they are claiming that Apple has just 50% of the tablet market and 14% of the smart phone market (world wide).  And they claim these numbers are not devices sold but devices in use. However they do not link to the IDC report! Find the report here via Google...
  But Samsung isn't really making a lot of profit with TV sets. Most of the profit in the consumer electronics division stems from smart phone displays:   "Earnings at the consumer-electronics division that makes TVs jumped 66 percent to 760 billion won, exceeding the 542.5 billion-won median of the analysts’ estimates compiled by Bloomberg. The display business had a profit of 750 billion won, also higher than the 600 billion-won estimate. While flat-screen TV sales...
  He is just holding it wrong.    Sorry, had to be said! ;-)
  Does that mean it is world mode. Could Amazon sell this tablet to (almost) any country and it would work with their LTE implementation? If so, could it be an indication for the new iPhone?
I think if you come up with an idea that might or might not work without proofing that it will work, cough up some cash to patent it and then let another company do the hard work to bring the idea to life and sue them afterwards that is my interpretation of patent troll.   If you can create some kind of prototype that will proof that your idea works as advertised in the patent all the power to you. But if you cannot proof that it works then what you did is not...
      I live in Austria. For some unknown reason we have really good rates on mobile phones. The phone is paid up front at ~€80.- and then he has got a cheap plan with €-cent 4.9/min. In Austria you just pay when you call someone. I have a two year contract with my iPhone with 2,100 free minutes 1,000 free texts and 3GB free data incl. tethering for € 30.- a month (pre tax).
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