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  This article is not about the US. It's about Denmark. They speak Dutch.       This article is about iPads with specialized apps ands settings (incl. disabled apps).       This article is not about the US.     Where did you get your education from? The US? Seems like a disaster to me.
Wider than USB. Thicker than SD-slot. SD card blocks USB and vice versa. It's never going to happen.
This was exactly my thought when I spotted the chart.Mixing non-comparable data (and selectively skipping some of it) on "informative" chart just creates confusion.
You can tell this "report" is a BS already from the title. An Android-device-style tickmark spec that has no purpose whatsoever. Let's move on now.
  Well that's just genius...
Why, oh why AI publishes this shit? "Rumor claims a new iDevice coming soon", (and when 'soon' getting closer): "Trusted source contradicts a previous claim, postpones the rumored launch date", and "Anonyous trusted source hints at a cheaper version of an iDevice", etc. What's the value of baseless claims and who gains from distributing this stuff? Gone are the years of quality AI articles, one less RSS feed to follow.
So it says the chairman has a 3-month hawaii vacation every year (for the last 20 years). Sure one can come up with excuses like "need to make structural changes" to justify the trip. Nothing newsworthy.
Is there any other way? It's the first time I hear that the cellular company keeps the user's phone locked even after the subsidy contract ends. Is there a particular reason that carriers are so restricting for consumers in the US (add in those expensive and limited data plans)? My current (european) unlimited data voice text plan for 25$/month includes lots of bonuses and discounts (4G, free roaming) just to keep me from switching to another carrier. I guess it's all...
"beaming" feature...is it something mysterious like the Startrek beam or do they actually mean the Wifi Direct standard? Anyone knows the 'beaming' feature's real name?
An advertisement disguised as pointless Apple news. That's how declined AI has become. I was once a big fan of AI for it's great content.
New Posts  All Forums: