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Can you still hide the Finder toolbar so the window behaviour reverts back to multi-window, spatial mode?
I took a look at the pastebin - there is not a single @mac.com, @me.com or @icloud.com email address on the list.
Does it have to be hardware? Could it be some new software they've been working on that takes advantage of the technologies in Snow Leopard? There hasn't been much in the way of software rumours recently - only obvious things like new versions of iLife and iWork for 2009.
Awlright, so it's actually something like 98ppi.
This is the reason I come to AI for news - you guys ask the only questions that matter!
My resolution? 1680x1050 I know I made the same lame gag last year too.
If you're on 10.4.11 then it's a known issue. There's two solutions I'm aware of - one is to click on the lock icon to prevent any changes for the preferences. The other solution is to delete the internet preferences .plist files and reboot. Edit: have a look at the following thread - http://www.applelinks.com/index.php/...iewthread/166/
Out of interest, what is the desktop picture you had on third screenshot?
Very nice summary of what we might see this year. Just one thing - isn't Phenomenon supposed to be the next version of Shake, rather than Final Cut? I know that's just nit-picking
Probably damaged preferences files, or some extension that's causing problems. Try moving the ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox folder to the desktop and see if it will launch.
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