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maybe a celeron widescreen macbook ?
17 inch here we come
its a bloody mouse!!!!! booohhhh
is it possibe to overclock my powerbook alu 867mhz with software only?
Think Rob1 (new powerbook is going to be using similar materials in its new case). no idea on specs sorry. genuine sources on manufacturing side. bye
Thinking of buying a new ibook but not sure wether to wait for a g5 ibook?? how long will this be? If the next ibook isnt gonna be a g5 then what will the specs be??
Ok i a little while back i asked for all your iMac G5 mockups and the thread got over 40,000 reads and over 400 posts. Now i want the real thing. Come on dont be scared. As Nike says "just do it"....
Or if youve got a real picture then post that too....
Thank you for your replies and i would welcome more.
no im not on crack, i love my ibook for colledge internet etc but what i would really love is an apple designed machine with apple logos and apple studio display but runs xp so i can play all my games access all the hidden featues on dvd,s which you cant do with a mac and there is so much more you can do with a windows machine. but i like the apple brand ,look and feel.
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