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1. I would be curious to hear what it would sound like for Siri to read a book to me, which could be great for listening in the car and then switching back to reading at home. You can actually do this already... kinda... I'm on an iPhone 4, so I don't even have Siri yet but here is how I have done it. Go into Settings> General> Accessability> Speak Selection> On. Then back in iBooks select a few paragraphs and you are presented with a "Speak" option, the book is...
Huh? Where are you located? Here in Australia we have all the major publishers in the iBookstore. Sadly not all of the publishers books are there though, like I couldn't find 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' but other popular stuff like the Twilight novels are all in there. Same as the iTunes movie store.
There is a USB port in the back, so give it some time and the ATV guys will no doubt make a patch so you can plug a hard drive into it.
Will the new OS run on the older ATV?
For those keeping score, I got my invite yesterday. It took 8 days.
How long did you have to wait for? I wonder if it is location based. Since I'm in Australia maybe they are keeping it stateside for the time being?
Well clearly I'm not good enough for the Beta program. I clicked the button over three days a go and am still yet to hear back. Sad really as I use the webmail all day everyday on my work computer.
Seriously? How long did it take to get your invites? I clicked on the "Join Beta" button in mail close to 8 hours ago.
How long did everyone have to wait to receive their Beta Invite? I signed up about three hours ago and am still waiting.
That is why I now buy US iTunes gift cards on line and use them to shop the US store from Australia. IN Oz we can't buy HD movies and we don't get iTunes extras. But now I can using the gift cards.
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