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I would be surprised if we don't see Skylanders on aTV. They did a Bluetooth portal for the previous Skylanders games, and had several mobile games to use with it.
Yes, that is also an option. However, the PS3/XB360s are nearing end of life, while the aTV is at the beginning of its life - even if the boxes have similar power. Looking a couple years down the road, games will stop being made for the PS3/XB360, the aTV will likely have a hardware refresh (hopefully with an A9 or higher CPU), and the PS4/XB1 will be chugging along with a few more years of life left. So that raises interesting issues such as how powerful will the next aTV...
If LEGO Dimensions gets an aTV version, I'm getting one. I don't play "hard core" games anymore and don't really want to shell out the $350 for a current generation console. But I _really_ want to play Disney Infinity & LEGO Dimensions.   The only sticking point will be that the current generation consoles have a lot more graphics power than the aTV. Spend $$$ for prettier graphics or save a few $$$ and get a simpler box? First world problems.
I did not expect it to do well anyway. History Channel special, CNBC special, maybe even a network TV movie, but the general public is not going to pay big screen prices to see a biopic about some rich nerd. I suspect it will get a fair number of views on Netflix.   I hope those involved with making it had a good time and got a decent paycheck.
Exactly. Not gonna see any porn channel/apps on aTV. (HBO has lots of "adult" content, but they have other stuff, too.) I wonder how Apple will get around their "no-sex" policy when Cinemax, aka Skinemax, and the other movie channels that have lots of racy stuff are allowed on. I suspect Apple will just ignore the hypocrisy and blithely do what they want.
Apple wins by having a more integrated "seamless" ecosystem. If iPhone dominates the cell phone market, then a device with a familiar UX that works well with the iPhone wins on the TV by default.   MS & Sony have toeholds on the living room with their game consoles. They have media capabilities and streaming apps. But they are a bit pricey, complicated, and "game" focused.   Google has a chance with Android based devices, but they don't have the focus. They let others...
I do. Had the grandparents over to look at pictures from a recent vacation just a few days ago. Said pictures are stored on my local Mac - not iCloud. So no aTV4 for me until they fix local photo sharing. Why not use airplay? Because the photos were not taken with an iPhone. They were dumped onto the hard drive from a different source.
 So the aTV is smart enough to give you a choice of using your receiver for audio output, but then it is dumb enough to still send volume commands to the TV? That sounds like a UX design flaw to me - regardless of whether instructions on how to do it "right" are in a manual somewhere.
Dude, what part of "Going to Settings and Audio I was surprised it found my Pioneer VSX-1031 receiver. I set the audio to the receiver but it did not work. It still went to the TV volume control." do you not understand? He selected his receiver in the audio settings. The aTV remote _still_ tried to control his TV.
I am mystified by the decision to include a USB-A to Lightning cable, but then put a USB-C port on the box and not include a USB-A to C adapter so that the remote could be charged by the aTV. "Here's a cable. Sorry, you can't plug it into the aTV. Oh, there is a USB port on the aTV, but you can't use it for anything."   See http://www.monoprice.com/Product?p_id=13005. I expect a lot of these will be sold.
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