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That is very sad. Apple used to be aimed at creators not consumers. Apple used to prominently feature people taking pictures, shooting movies, composing music, etc. and provided the tools for people to create and display their works of art. Not having a way to display 4K content on a large screen goes against that ethos. Take pictures and shoot video with your iPhone - and show it off to your friends and family using an Amazon Fire TV. 
No, you are not. For all the whining about 4K specs still being in flux, 4K TVs not being widely adopted, blah, blah, blah... Apple is touting the ability to create 4K content while their fancy new aTV can't display it. That ain't right.
A9X: better GPU = more pixels pushed = longer lived device. Also higher cost.Did they mention 4k support? I don't think so.Input accessories.
Disappointed they went with the A8 instead of A9. Will it prove better to AirPlay from an A9X device? We didn't see accessories: Joysticks, controllers, keyboards, etc. It will be very interesting to see how well Siri works. No wired external storage. 
A very nice thing about the iOS app ecosystem is that obsolescence is a gradual process rather than complete and immediate. With consoles, when a new one comes out, all your old games are landfill. With iOS, only new high-end games require the latest & greatest. Over a few years, more and more apps require the latest, but those that don't tend to target the lowest possible OS to maximize potential customers. That longevity in aTV will appeal to casual gamers & app users.
So one set of analysts publishes a bunch of garbage on why Apple is "doomed" and suppress the price. A few weeks later another set of analysts publishes papers on why Apple is a bargain driving the price up. Repeat. Even though by all technical analysis Apple is a low-priced, wildly profitable, stable company.
Price point will be a big factor, too. An Xbox One will run you from $350 to $500 depending on how complete a bundle you get, and the games are $40+ish. An TV for less than $100 with a bunch of freemium games could satisfy a lot of casual gamers. (Read parents too poor/cheap to buy one of the big systems.) I bet the TV will have a lot of casual & kids games, too. That will appeal to the parents who don't want to shell out for a Wii U and its expensive games or buy the...
I'm in the market for an iPad mini for my middle-school student. Coupled with a Bluetooth keyboard and external display I hope it will provide a "mini" laptop experience. But I'm waiting until the mini is refreshed to the latest chips. I just hope there is a model without the fingerprint reader. Don't need it. Don't want it. Don't want to pay for it.
Then perhaps it is purely a marketing/perception problem. My understanding is that when you use Apple Pay, Apple servers are involved in the transaction and it is done in an Apple proprietary manner. If the reality is that, yes, you use Apple servers, but the whole transaction is done in a way that anyone else can (and should) do using industry standards, then why bother branding it "Apple" Pay? Is it merely the fingerprint use to gain access to the card info on the...
New Posts  All Forums: