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 Yawn. Try putting your Macs in an environment with several thousand machines in a mixed Windows, Mac, Linux, and who knows what else environment with Active Directory, proxies, firewalls, VPN, etc. Since upgrading to 10.10 myself and many others in my company have been having networking problems with our Macs. These are problems we never had with 10.9 or earlier. Or maybe you cited a trivial example with no problems as sarcasm?
The TV market is getting ready to go through another tech upgrade. Broader color gamut, HDR. See http://www.dolby.com/us/en/technologies/dolby-vision.html 2k is quickly being replaced by 4k. I'm not sure any of that will change the display market from a low margin, high volume trap. But then, the PC & cell phone markets have the same issues, yet Apple maintains high margins and growing sales in those markets.   Interesting times are coming soon in TVs. Apple may be able...
Figures. I just got a new MBP at work a month ago. I really wanted to wait for the new trackpad. Now I have to wait another three years. *sigh*
About time. I was really expecting Apple to do this a long time ago. But I guess Apple's vision is going Bluetooth. Wireless and battery consumption.
Umm... last I knew AI is an Apple news and  _rumor_ site. Also, the story's headline is prefaced with "Rumor:" so you know what it is.Maybe you would prefer to read MacWorld or some other non-rumor site. I find the story to be worthwhile for what it is - a rumor about production yields. They've happened before; it is not unlikely they could be happening again with this very new product. As wizard69 said, when you ramp up to full-scale production, things happen.
*sigh* I just had to order a new lifecycle laptop at work; I got the 15" MBP. I really wish the 15" had been updated with the Force Touch, now I'll have to wait three years to get my fingers on one.   Perhaps I'm odd, but I find the glass trackpad - and the iPad - to hurt my fingertips after using them for very long. I don't have the same problem with the old plastic trackpads.   I wonder if Apple got this idea from Nintendo. The Balance Board also has four strain...
Isn't it widely publicized that over 80% of actively managed funds underperform their benchmark? I wouldn't worry too much about what hedge fund managers fear.   (Note: just because a managed fund may underperform its benchmark does not mean you are likely to do better. It only means that if you are looking to buy into a sector, it's probably best to buy a low-cost index fund rather than a fancy managed fund.)
480p camera!?   Sorry, I'm with the critics. Too few ports. Extra cost to get ports. This will appeal to people who need something like an iPad with a real keyboard - i.e. minimal wired connectivity, used in the lap or on the go most of the time. Maybe Apple has seen that most connectivity is needed in a "docking" situation - on a desk; and in that case, a single connector into which power, external USB & monitor is always connected is better than a bunch of ports that...
Did the 15" get updated at all? It still has the old trackpad. I'm not familiar enough with the various chips, but I don't remember the 15" being mentioned at all in the presentation.   http://www.apple.com/macbook-pro/specs-retina
Insane. Who could have predicted this back in the 80s or 90s when Apple was just a niche PC maker for designers and "creatives"?   I'd normally cry "monopoly", but I don't think that Apple exhibits monopolistic behavior. They do their own thing their own way. I don't see them strong-arming competitors or crushing little guys (like MS did). Maybe I'm not looking close enough.
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