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Add me to the "REALLY?!" crowd on this story. Is it a slow news day and AI had to come up with something to get clicks? (Apparently they succeeded since I'm writing this.) As for margins, didn't Costco recently drop Apple products because Apple wouldn't let them sell for less than Apple's set price? Not going to comment on the rest of the article since it's pure click-bait. - Jasen.
HP died when they spun off Agilent. The heart and soul of HP went to Agilent. I wish the names had been reversed. HP staying the test & measurement company with some other name becoming the PC & printer company. That being said, HP is still big enough to have some serious R&D chops. But I don't think they have the vision to turn the R&D into insanely great products. - Jasen.
Microsoft needs to remember they are a SOFTWARE company. Software - that runs on hardware. As in applications (oh, and they make a couple OSes, too). MS should be writing apps and games for iOS and Mac (and Android, if there's any profit). Yes, Apple happens to compete with MS in the OS space, but MS should be happy Apple has millions of devices out there MS can put apps on. And now that Apple hardware will run MS's OS, MS should be encouraging people to put Windows on ...
What is the power cost of this technology? If it lowers battery life by any measurable percentage then there'd have to be a pretty compelling reason to include it. And if people are just going to turn it off to save battery life, then what's the point of including it? It does have the sound of one of those "what would I ever use that for?" technologies that once you have it (and it is implemented well) you think, "How did I live without this?". - Jasen.
Inkscape. GIMP's drawing sibling. As Illustrator is to Photoshop. I use both GIMP and Inkscape regularly. And this change won't bother me. Anyone nerdy enough to know what GIMP or Inkscape are, is nerdy enough to install XQuartz. If you know you need it, you can install it. Otherwise it doesn't take up space. - Jasen.
I hope there's some sort of API for plug-ins that push to different services. I don't use Twitter any more, I switched to Facebook. And there's LinkedIn, Google+ and many other social sharing services. I also don't use Flickr, I use Webshots, and there's Picasa, photobucket, etc. I don't like the idea of Apple partnering with specific social sites and locking me in to using those providers. What if Yahoo mail was the only mail option? And I agree with the sentiment...
Actually, quite the opposite. Buy as many Foxconn manufactured devices as you can so the line workers can send more money home to their families, and so that more people living at near starvation or working in the even worse conditions can move into the better conditions at Foxconn, and so that the Foxconn employees have more value to their employer so they can negotiate for better working conditions. - Jasen.
That's an intentionally overblown comparison.How about:If you feed me rice instead of letting me starve to death, do I have a right to complain because it's not a balance meal?Yes, there are better diets, and moving toward a better diet would be a "good thing". But don't criticize the guy feeding me when my other option is to starve.- Jasen.
If a company does not defend their patents, they can be invalidated. Same with copyrights and other intellectual property. If you don't sue those who are using your IP, then you must not want it. It's not just Kodak Apple is defending itself against, it's Samsung, Google, Nokia, etc. If they don't slap down Kodak for violating their patents, then those other companies can do the same and tell a judge, "Look, these other guys were doing the same thing and Apple never went...
My guess is that it will be something like the Lytro. - Jasen.
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