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Hyperbole in the service of sarcasm is lost on the Internet. So sad.   - Jasen.   P.S. I bought one more share of AAPL on Friday.
  This is how I know you're a complete crackpot. 100 hundred years!? That's ten thousand years! No company has existed that long. Your opinion is useless and you are a fool!   Honestly, guys, can you tone it down a bit. Both of you are brilliant investors, I'm sure. Both of you have professional experience trading stocks and evaluating companies. Good for you. Mostly you seem to be talking past each other and using different words for different meanings - semantics. And...
I hope not. There's a fine balance between releasing updates frequently enough that people upgrade and keep your revenue stream going, and updating too quickly so that people put off upgrading because they know a new one is just around the corner, or that if they do upgrade a new one will be out soon so why bother?   That said, Apple has to maintain some feature parity with their competition. If Samsung comes out with a GPU 5x faster than what Apple has (and has any...
If it makes the iDevice more shatter resistant, I'm all for it. I dropped my iPod just wrong and the display shattered. I know others who have done the same thing.   - Jasen.
  This. The real cost of the phone is buried in the monthly contract fee. For all we know, AT&T may be kicking money back to Wal*Mart for each iPhone contract activation.   I'm paying $35/mo for unlimited data and a few hundred minutes of voice with VirginMobile/Sprint. Yes, I have to actually buy the phone, but the cost of the phone is not hidden from me.   - Jasen.
Oops. You're right. Ok, make that 80-20 or 90-10. My bad, I though Apple was keeping 70%. - Jasen.
So they have app and media stores ready to go? They have licensing agreements with all the major studios and other content generators? They have a mature and "developer friendly" development environment (this one they do with Visual Studio)? They have a cloud storage solution ready to go? They have a revenue sharing plan ready for developers (IMHO, they ought to make it an 80-20 split to give developers better return than Apple.)? They have extremely strict hardware spec...
Add me to the "REALLY?!" crowd on this story. Is it a slow news day and AI had to come up with something to get clicks? (Apparently they succeeded since I'm writing this.) As for margins, didn't Costco recently drop Apple products because Apple wouldn't let them sell for less than Apple's set price? Not going to comment on the rest of the article since it's pure click-bait. - Jasen.
HP died when they spun off Agilent. The heart and soul of HP went to Agilent. I wish the names had been reversed. HP staying the test & measurement company with some other name becoming the PC & printer company. That being said, HP is still big enough to have some serious R&D chops. But I don't think they have the vision to turn the R&D into insanely great products. - Jasen.
Microsoft needs to remember they are a SOFTWARE company. Software - that runs on hardware. As in applications (oh, and they make a couple OSes, too). MS should be writing apps and games for iOS and Mac (and Android, if there's any profit). Yes, Apple happens to compete with MS in the OS space, but MS should be happy Apple has millions of devices out there MS can put apps on. And now that Apple hardware will run MS's OS, MS should be encouraging people to put Windows on ...
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