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Actually, quite the opposite. Buy as many Foxconn manufactured devices as you can so the line workers can send more money home to their families, and so that more people living at near starvation or working in the even worse conditions can move into the better conditions at Foxconn, and so that the Foxconn employees have more value to their employer so they can negotiate for better working conditions. - Jasen.
That's an intentionally overblown comparison.How about:If you feed me rice instead of letting me starve to death, do I have a right to complain because it's not a balance meal?Yes, there are better diets, and moving toward a better diet would be a "good thing". But don't criticize the guy feeding me when my other option is to starve.- Jasen.
If a company does not defend their patents, they can be invalidated. Same with copyrights and other intellectual property. If you don't sue those who are using your IP, then you must not want it. It's not just Kodak Apple is defending itself against, it's Samsung, Google, Nokia, etc. If they don't slap down Kodak for violating their patents, then those other companies can do the same and tell a judge, "Look, these other guys were doing the same thing and Apple never went...
My guess is that it will be something like the Lytro. - Jasen.
This. A thousand times. Those complaining about the working conditions at Foxconn ought to visit a third world country (including rural China) and see how vastly better life is at these assembly plants than where many of these workers came from. - Jasen.
Likewise. I sold a bunch of mine for a downpayment on a house about ten years ago. And I donated some to my church when it was ~$190. Fortunately, I kept a few shares, and my 401k funds have a lot of Apple in them. - Jasen.
Wheeee! What a flame-tastic thread. I have to put in my $0.02 because I'm a wanna-be audiophile and I record services at my church every other week (ProTools recording ~40 channels at 24/48). 1. Garbage in, garbage out. What happens in the recording session, mixing, and mastering is extremely important. The loudness wars have done more to destroy quality music playback than MP3 encoding. 2, I want to buy hi-res and down-sample to whatever is appropriate for my...
I believe most of these companies provide room and board for the employees, so add that into the compensation. I don't know if they cover food or clothing in any way. Also not sure what kind of health care is provided. So there may be/is quite a bit of compensation beyond wages. For many working in these factories, the choices are pretty grim. Work 60+ hours in these factory towns, or live out in a village subsistence farming. There are millions of people in China living...
This is the first I've heard of Lytro. Amazing technology. I hope they get bought up and pocket big bucks. Someone like RED ought to buy them and produce one-chip 3D movie cameras. In 10 years kids will be saying, "Why can't you change the focal point and DoF on that old JPG picture?" - Jasen.
Agreed. Tablets have been around for ages - at least 10 years. But they never took off. I think this is because they were always packaged as Windows on a smaller device, not a full tablet UI. Apple really did a great job of designing the touch UI. A great testimony to Apple's full user experience approach. Amazon and Barnes & Noble seem to have grasped the importance of this approach, too. - Jasen.
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