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I believe most of these companies provide room and board for the employees, so add that into the compensation. I don't know if they cover food or clothing in any way. Also not sure what kind of health care is provided. So there may be/is quite a bit of compensation beyond wages. For many working in these factories, the choices are pretty grim. Work 60+ hours in these factory towns, or live out in a village subsistence farming. There are millions of people in China living...
This is the first I've heard of Lytro. Amazing technology. I hope they get bought up and pocket big bucks. Someone like RED ought to buy them and produce one-chip 3D movie cameras. In 10 years kids will be saying, "Why can't you change the focal point and DoF on that old JPG picture?" - Jasen.
Agreed. Tablets have been around for ages - at least 10 years. But they never took off. I think this is because they were always packaged as Windows on a smaller device, not a full tablet UI. Apple really did a great job of designing the touch UI. A great testimony to Apple's full user experience approach. Amazon and Barnes & Noble seem to have grasped the importance of this approach, too. - Jasen.
Movie theaters? Really? A CNBC special I can see, but nobody is going to go to a theater to see Jobs and Cringley blather on. This reeks of misguided profiteering. I'm a big fan of Steve and Apple, but I'll be glad when this period of idolizing is over. - Jasen.
My church recently did a did a big A/V build out. We have a couple of Mac Pros in the video suite with various I/O cards - for video and balanced audio, and a Mac Pro in the record suite with a ProTools PCI card using both Ethernet connectors - one for network and one to connect to a C|24 desk, and with extra internal hard drives for recording up to 128 channels of audio at the same time. We have a few iMacs floating around to run Pro Presenter on in the sanctuary. As...
Agreed. With virtually unlimited money, I could live a lot more care free and take many more risks. But I have a family, mortgage, 401k, etc. As a wage-slave, an extra $1000 here or there is real money. If only I'd bought more AAPL shares when they were $20. - Jasen.
The terrestrial bandwidth provider market is locked up. The cost of infrastructure limits competition, many municipalities grant monopoly contracts, if you live in an apartment building you likely have to take whatever the building owner has chosen. So unless Apple goes wireless, they're not going to make a dent in the entrenched cable/fiber provider powers. The agreements between cable providers and content creators are bizarre and designed to keep both parties in...
This. Beauty and elegance are just as important as functionality. Apple's competitors never seem to understand this. There's a quote from Bill Gates in the All Things Digital interview they did together where he says, "I wish I had Steve's taste." - Jasen.
For those of you complaining about the lack of features in the nano, Motorola announces MOTOACTV. 8GB $250 16GB $299 Bluetooth, ANT+, and GPS. Runs Android. - Jasen.
Death comes for us all. But modern society has pushed dying to the periphery. It is good to occasionally contemplate death and our mortality. Rev. 1:17-18
New Posts  All Forums: