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It's all FDR's fault! ---As a long time AAPL share holder (over 20 years for some of my shares), it still boggles my mind that they are so big. I just bought & own the shares because I think they make quality products, and have figured out how to make a profit selling those products. I still think of them as the scrappy Macintosh maker in a world of PC clones, a niche player in a world dominated by beige boxes.
Interesting. Looks like the display would only work for one user. And the display would have to track the observer pretty closely to project the image properly. I wonder what the view angle tolerance is; that is, how big is the "sweet spot" where the image looks right.
I'm rather grumpy about the "swipe to archive/delete" behavior. Far too easy to accidentally delete something. I much preferred two intentional actions - swipe & push a button.
It took me a while to figure it out, too. Look under "Playlists"; it's in there. Makes no sense to me why you can't download it when looking at the album in the iTunes store. - Jasen.
 So make it free for two weeks. Those who want it will get it. Those who don't won't. I agree that the album being marked as "purchased" automatically has drawbacks. I'm surprised no one at Apple thought through "what if some people don't want this album?". Here, have a cookie; it's free. Oops. Did I not mention it has peanuts in it? So sorry about your nut allergy. Get well soon. The album is not "free". It consumes bandwidth and storage space that the user pays for. In...
 These guys, these guys, these guys and all the .NET developers might disagree with that. --- Objective-C is extremely verbose. While typing may be only a small part of developing software, the more of it I have to do the more chance I have to make a typo. Also readability is essential for maintaining software. Objective-C can be UGLY. Reading extremely verbose code also leads to problems. Swift aligns Apple with modern readability and syntax conventions of languages like...
I dropped off LinkedIn due to their terrible privacy policy. The man-in-the-middle email attack they were promoting as a "service", and their cluelessness that it was a really bad idea, sealed the decision for me.   - Jasen.
And the Android device space gets splintered even more.
Swift for the JVM coming in 3... 2... 1...   From my quick reading of the reference book, several things remind me of Groovy: no semi-colons, the "?." operator, implicit typing, closures. It's a bit odd to me that the type is after the identifier.   The playground will be a big separator. An integrated, GUI leveraging, instant feedback system; that will be very cool.   I haven't paid attention to what Microsoft has been doing with their developer tools so I can't...
https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/the-swift-programming-language/id881256329   iBooks says it is unavailable. :(   I went in through iTunes, not iBooks, and was able to download it. Maybe they flipped the switch and it's now available.
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