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I'm going to post this and back away slowly.   http://www.musicischanging.com http://www.stereophile.com/content/ive-heard-future-streaming-meridians-mqa (contains actual details on how MQA works)
 See http://harmanhowtolisten.blogspot.com. "How to Listen is a desktop software application developed by the Harman International R&D group for the purpose of training and selecting listeners used in audio product research, development, and testing. The software consists of a number of training exercises where different kinds of timbral, spatial and dynamic distortions commonly found within the recording and audio chains are simulated and added to music.  The listener’s...
Drat! I knew I should have picked up some more shares when they were below $110. Oh well, maybe they'll slide/be pushed down near the end of the next quarter. With how wrong the analysts were, there has to be manipulation going on. They can't all be that stupid - can they?
The place we haven't seen Apple leverage all this GPU wonderfulness is the TV. Their approach has been to put all the smarts in the iDevices and use the TV as a dumb screencast receiver. I'd like to see that change. Attach a big drive to an A8(9?) based TV, use Bluetooth for a controller interface, and I think you'd have a mean game machine.
I picked up some shares at $110 at the opening. They dipped slightly below that are and now at $111+. Happy so far. And I'm a long investor rather than a trader, so I'm glad to pick some up on this dip. I don't plan to sell for at least a year, probably more.
Are these the same people saying AAPL was overvalued when it was bouncing around $700/share pre-split? Accounting for the split, these targets put AAPL at ~$1000/share in pre-split pricing.   P/E for AAPL is still around 18. Much lower than GOOG's 27, but very close to MSFT's 18.9. And way lower in price than AMZN which has negative earnings. And I suspect if you factor in AAPL's intrinsic value (their mountain of cash, facilities, patents, etc.) they are priced way...
Exactly this. The lawsuit is about not being able to put content from other stores onto iPods. NOT about playing content from the iTunes store on other devices. At one point Real figured out how to connect their store app directly to iPods. Apple broke that in an update. The lawsuit alleges this was to intentionally hurt Real - not for any legitimate business reason. "The complaint was first filed against Apple in 2005, and originally centered around RealNetworks and...
I do not recommend a diversified portfolio of wives.
The stock is up because I put a buy order in at $100 a week ago. Now I get to watch the price go up and up away from my asking price. :(   But the shares I already own are making me smile - except the ones I bought @~$700, the S&P is up 30+% since then, while I'm just starting to turn a profit.   - Jasen.
It's all FDR's fault! ---As a long time AAPL share holder (over 20 years for some of my shares), it still boggles my mind that they are so big. I just bought & own the shares because I think they make quality products, and have figured out how to make a profit selling those products. I still think of them as the scrappy Macintosh maker in a world of PC clones, a niche player in a world dominated by beige boxes.
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