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Maybe the Apple internal developers will read it - and not ignore it.
I'm not a professional audio engineer, but I play one on Sunday mornings; I run the record board for my church. We use a 128 channel Pro Tools rig and record at 24/48. We use a dedicated recording room with pretty decent JBL studio monitors.   IMHO, at the recording & mixing stage using high sampling & bit rates makes a lot of sense. There is a lot of processing (math) going on and artifacts can creep into the audible range.   The recording, mixing, & mastering phases...
"agreed to not recruit one another's employees" That goes to the definition of "recruit" and how deep the agreement on not hiring people away from each other went. Maybe there was a handshake, wink & a nod agreement that the companies would not hire employees from each other. So even if one did see the ad and apply, company A wouldn't consider your resume because you worked for company B. "Materials from the trial also reveal that Apple's human resources department sent...
Scenario: Company A needs some employees with skill set X. They know company B has such employees, but because of this agreement they do not attempt to recruit employees from company B.   The employees never know of this opportunity. That hurts their wages and opportunity - maybe they're happy working for company B but would like the chance to work on company A's cool project, or company A has some minor perk that the employee would be willing to change jobs for...
 The problem with 4k is the standards are still in flux. And there's things like Dolby Vision around the corner. General feeling over at AVS Forum is that more 4k displays are coming out this year, but the formats and standards to support it aren't quite there yet. It may take another year or two for that side of the equation to stabilize. Will Apple release a 4k capable aTV without the 4k environment being rock solid (see Blu-Ray)? Or is it really all just software things...
Figures. I bought an aTV last week for $84 at Best Buy.   Guess I could return it and wait a couple months to see if this rumor pans out.   - Jasen.
I bought a 5c and wish I'd gotten a 5. It's all about the accessories. The 5 & 5s share the same size; cases etc. are interchangeable and there are many available. If you have a nice case or other accessories for a 5, you can reuse them with the 5s. The 5c has very few cases & accessories designed for it.   The 5c may have been targeted at new Apple customers, but once you have one you're effectively locked out of the iPhone accessory ecosystem.   - Jasen.
I think I have very sensitive fingers. I definitely prefer my ancient white MacBook's trackpad to the one on my modern MacBook Pro. Part of the reason is my fingers get sore pushing down the trackpad to click the button; I can easily tell that it takes more force at the top of the pad than at the bottom.   Force gauges would allow the click-pressure to be tunable, too. I could see that being a welcome customization.   - Jasen.
They do realize "Cortana" goes insane, right?   - Jasen.
I really hope Apple minimizes the number of iPhone sizes. I got a 5c and I've been very disappointed in the lack cases and peripherals available for it. There's lots of 5/5s things around, but very few for the 5c.   - Jasen.
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