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Agreed. Apple has really dropped the ball on the PCI Express issue. To be a leader they should have had PCIe when the liquid cooled machines came out. To not update the mobos with this latest release tells me: a) They have something better coming out Real Soon Now. The 2.7 upgrade was very quiet, like they knew it wasn't much and nobody would care. b) The CPU speed wall has frazzled them. They lost momentum focusing on the liquid cooling and dropped the ball keeping...
"Movies", like ALL movies, even ones that used to play fine? Or "movies", like the new H.264 stuff? - Jasen.
And that relates to "Future Hardware" how? - Jasen.
Karma? What goes around comes around? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you? You reap what you sow? Just a guess. - Jasen.
I wish I had the money to order without checking the spec pages. According to Apple's pages, the liquid cooling is still in there. I wonder if you'll be kicking yourself come WWDC or MacWorld Paris, or MacWorld San Fran. Those that follow such things know what is right around the corner industrywide - PCI Express GPUs, dual core CPUs, Blu-Ray/HD-DVD drives. In six months those won't be uber-high end, but standard high end. Apple's front side bus is still killer, but...
So, basically they got a little speed bump, added more RAM and a bigger hard drive, and new dual layer DVD burner. Nothing at all on the cooling side or motherboard redesign/enhancement? I'm sure the 2.7GHz machines will sell to those who make $$$ with their Macs and every MHz of speed cuts number crunching time, but otherwise, I suspect most everyone else who wanted a PowerMac bought one two years ago. From a fence sitter's point of view, there is no reason to buy...
Not absurd, just over-priced compared to the other models - or the other models are a REALLY good deal. Even though I don't own a mini, if/when I get another external drive, I'll definitely take a close look at these things. The mini is a nice looking case, and these have a nice looking case.Thanks. I was just too lazy to do the math. - Jasen.
FWIW, I'm with cubist on this one. Apple should use the compiler that generates the fastest code possible for OS X. They can distribute GCC and XCode that generates decent speed code and is library compatible with the OS; that's not that hard. Metrowerks still sells CodeWarrior for the Mac and that uses their own compiler and interfaces with the OS libraries. Again, I like that the OS keeps getting faster, but I'm disappointed that Apple isn't using the fastest tool...
> Kudos to Micro Net for the mini Mate. Yes. Very nice looking unit. The 80 GB model appears overpriced, but all the others are right in there with external drives that don't offer USB and FireWire, and extra ports,. Only one minor gripe: no ports on the front. Interesting that they only claim 50 MB/s transfer rate on the FireWire connection. Shouldn't that be higher? - Jasen.
As a G3 owner, this is the sort of thing that both encourages and discourages me. On the one hand, OS X gets faster with each release and it's great to see Apple improving performance on an already snappy OS. On the other hand, why hasn't Apple used a better optimized compiler a long time ago? How much performance is being wasted in all Macs due to inefficient compilation? - Jasen.
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