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I guess Apple figured out something to do with that mountain of cash they have: use it to secure supply guarantees. Apple: We'd like to buy LOTS of flash memory over the next few years. Supplier: Wow. That's a lot. I don't think we can guarantee that supply. Apple: For this mountain of cash will you put us first in line ahead of any other customers. Supplier: Yes. Apple wags tail like Dogbert. Let the whining begin from the other MP3 makers and flash...
Most folks have been speculating that the Intel chips will go in the laptops first. But also point out the difficulty Apple will have in a) putting Intel in the iBooks and making the PBooks look very bad b) putting Intel in the PBooks making the iBooks look very bad c) putting Intel in both which seems like too many changes all at once And many folks seem to think Apple will wait for the new Merom chips for the PBooks. BUT, what if they put Intel in the mini...
Probably not getting many responses because it's an easy question. Here's a decent drive. I believe Apple uses Pioneer drives as their "SuperDrives". Pioneer has a good reputation. - Jasen.
Raises hand. Not enough to retire on, though. I only have 100 shares at this point. I keep thinking, "Maybe next time AAPL dips I'll pick up a few more shares on margin and do a quick turn around when they pop back up." Thought that when they crossed $40, and $50, now $60!?! Sheesh. What happened to our little AAPL that everyone laughed at us for buying and holding on to? They've GOT to be way overvalued at this point. Don't they?\ - Jasen.
*grumble* *grumble* So. Apple WAS going to have a keynote; which implies to me they planned to have something keynote worthy - hopefully not the nano. But shortly before they cancelled. Does that imply that SOMETHING was in the pipe but didn't make it out the other end in time? What's the lead on manufacturing, etc. a new product vs. the lead time of a keynote? Are there upgraded/redesigned PBooks or PMacs sitting in a warehouse waiting for new CPUs? Or is there...
Something a bit like this? http://www.rokulabs.com/products/sou...adio/index.php - Jasen.
As you wish. See how tight the top margin is? That's just wrong, IMHO. And the window controls are dinky. And the titlebarless paradigm falls apart the second you enter a dialog box - like preferences - those are standard Windows UI components. - Jasen.
Yeah. One of the arguments in favor of Apple back in the day was their user interface guidelines and the research they did to develop them. Now Apple seems to make up the UI as they go along and violate whatever "principles" they feel. Sure, the UI is still "slick" and "lickable", but it really feels like they're losing sight of something. With this new GUI of the week approach, why can't they develop a skinnable UI and let us users have some of the fun too? - Jasen.
I think it was, but the top margin is MUCH tighter now. "iTunes" is RIGHT up against the top of the window. Seems there should be more of a margin.Well, they could have mentioned that. I don't think there's any mention of QT7 (for Windows) being final or required. I've never understood why the two are forcibly bundled. - Jasen.
I pulled down iTunes 5 for Windows and so far I'm not impressed. 1) They did away with the title bar. Windows apps typically have an icon in the upper left corner of a window followed by the application name and possibly some other info (like the name of the open file). Apple has ignored this convention and mashed the menu into the tippy top of the window. And they've replaced the normal Windows minimize, maximize, and close buttons with their own (very small)...
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