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You might also try Expression. - Jasen.
From my reading, 8 is a major overhaul from MX 2004. I just bought MX 2004 a month ago and plan to upgrade because of some of the new capabilities 8 offers.I'm not sure what your meaning is here. If you're implying that you don't want to have to learn HTML, etc. and be able to update your site easily, Dreamweaver is NOT what you want. Dreamweaver is an industrial strength content creation environment. If you want a "basic" HTML editor might I suggest PageSpinner. - Jasen.
I'm sorry, it's just wrong - wrong I tell you - to see Intel CPU announcements on an Apple-oriented site. - Jasen
I'm still holding out for the AirPort A/V. Maybe it's still too early, though. iTunes does trailers and videos, but I don't think that's compelling enough content. Streaming iMovies is nice, but I doubt an adoption driver. And then there's the whole composite, component, S-video, DVI, HDMI panopoly of connectors to deal with. But some day wireless video will happen. Monster PMacs would be nice. Otherwise my crystal ball is clouded. - Jasen.
Interesting. At what point does the iPod interface become some sort of "standard" and other player makers start duplicating it, or petitioning governments to allow them to duplicate it? I haven't seen how these interfaces work, but I'm guessing there's some sort of Apple proprietary connector, and an Apple proprietary protocol the car and iPod use to communicate. Will/should Apple license that connector and protocol to other player makers? Thoughts? - Jasen.
By placing symbolic links in the boot Applications folder to where the apps are actually installed, Software Update works fine. Apple is smart enough to come up with a way to track installed software other than FORCING it to be installed in a particular place.No, it's not that extreme. My machine runs the latest OS just fine. I've found posts from other people with current machines who prefer to partition their drives and have had the same frustration. Even Microsoft...
Just needing to vent here a bit. I bought iLife to start seriously doing home movies of our little rug rat and making nice DVDs for the grandparents. I have a B&W G3 that I recently upgraded with a G4 accelerator card. (Because I finally gave up on the G4/5 machines and will now wait till the Intel machines before moving to an all new machine.) I boot off the original 6GB drive, have an extra internal drive, an external FireWire drive, and an external DVD...
I'd love to see Apple open source Web Objects. Where I work, if it's not .Net or open source Java it doesn't get considered. I use a number of open source Java libraries and they're ok, but as a semi-closeted Apple lover, I relish the opportunity to work with some Apple-grown tech. I think it's the limited brain space management types can afford, .Net and J2EE are two choices, throw in a third to keep track of (WO) and confusion sets in. It's bizarre, it seems like...
Ummm... he can't. Didn't you hear the news at WWDC? Freescale and IBM aren't interested/able to produce good laptop chips for Apple. So Apple is switching to Intel - who has very nice laptop chips. This transition will take a year or so. - Jasen.
So you can sell more software - and Apple makes some very nice software for the Mac, and products other than PCs. I don't believe they had much back in the old licensing days. Here's a possible scenario: Apple uses a "standard" Intel chipset (CPU, BIOS, support chips, etc.) with some mechanism to keep OS X from running on anything but Apple boxes. Sales go great, so great Apple can't keep up with demand - Intel has lots of chips, but Apple's contractors can't produce...
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