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I don't think a "swarming" or distributed distribution model will ever work. Reasons: liability and assuring the integrity of the data. Once joe-shmoe and joe-hacker are part of the distribution chain, how long before joe-hacker figures out a way to corrupt the data being sent to others? Insert a virus, or a little pr0n into the data stream. Hehe, good fun. All the distribution nodes need to be secure and trust worthy. That's never going to happen on the great...
http://www.macdesktops.com - Jasen.
No, cubist didn't read the article and complained about life expectancy. Onlooker just voiced incredulity at the whole idea. - Jasen.
Please pay attention and read the original post and/or the press release it linked to. The Mitsu projector uses LEDs with a 20,000 hour life (estimated 10 years running 5 hrs/day). onlooker, your pessimism and lack of vision disappoint me. Methinks folks said the same sort of things about the iPod. What a failure that's been! - Jasen.
Hmmm... You want the "best" video camera, but are willing to sacrifice picture quality? I think your definition of "best" is different than that of serious camcorder users. Most camcorders will plug into iMovie and transfer dead easily. Beyond that, it sounds like ease of use is more important to you than pure picture quality. IMHO, the less $$$ you spend the fewer options and settings a camera will have. Some people will interpret this as "simple" others will think...
Looks like Mitsubishi may have beaten Apple to the LED projector punch. Mitsu's projector only does 800x600 and won't be out till July, plenty of time for Apple to make an announcement at NAB or the WWDC of a true HD device. - Jasen.
http://www.wired.com/news/mac/0,2125,66460,00.html Wired is running a story about the popularity of the iPod causing some friction at Microsoft's Redmond campus. You may join me in gloating. - Jasen. P.S. Someone else started a thread about this in the Digital Hub forum, too.
AirPort A/V? "Interface device" communicates with the computer and video client (TV) using different protocols - something like Apple Lossless between computer and AirPort A/V and HDTV, NTSC, or PAL to television set. (Think Apple Lossless from Mac to AirPort Express, SPDIF from AP Ex to home theater). The paragraph cited seems to cover sending a vertical blanking signal from the interface device to the computer for the purpose of invoking code and triggering the sending...
Me too. I sold a couple hundred shares at $44 back in October-ish, IIRC. Fortunately, I kept 50 shares. Very tempting to get in deeper now that Apple has gone from Wall Street's whipping boy to darling. I just with they'd pay a dividend. - Jasen.
Ummm... Why? Why this "skirt" thing? I can understand the monitor stands they're selling, and even the side-mounting kit. But why would anyone want a "skirt"? Here's an idea: cable keeper "skirt". Raises the mini a few inches and has an open back to tuck all your unsightly cables underneath the mini. I don't know that there are fortunes to be made here, but certainly some profitable products. With the PowerBooks being speed-bumped, it will be interesting to see how...
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