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April 29th is also the day the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy movie will hit the theaters. Coincindence? Maybe Apple will initially release version 10.4.2? Will there be a towel? Perhaps a new Infinite Improbability CPU? - Jasen. P.S. Oops. I see this has already been mentioned further up. Oh well, I still think it's funny.
I'll never understand stock analysts. Apple: We did REALLY well this past quarter, we sold a ton of stuff, increased our profit margins, put a bunch of cash in the giant horde we already have, increased sales in non-US markets. Life is good. Analysts: Apple can't possibly continue to do well. The stock price is overinflated because everyone expects them to do well, but they won't. (Oh, they'll continue to be profitable, but not AS profitable as everyone secretly...
Pfft. I bought my G3/350 with a DVD-ROM back in `99 expecting software to move to DVD delivery. Nice to see Apple finally taking the step. - Jasen. (P.S. Of course, my DVD drive died a couple years ago and I replaced it with a CD burner. D'oh! But I just ordered a Pioneer burner from NewEgg for $65, so I'm back up to date - till BluRay takes over. )
Actually, all of today's machines can run Core Image - some just run it on the CPU rather than the GPU. Yeah, yeah, but the whole point of Core Image is to offload processing to the GPU, isn't it? Not really. Core Image provides more than that, but offloading to the GPU is a nice feature for the CPU-cycle maximizers amongst us. But I agree, it'd be nice if Apple would update all their machines so the GPUs could run Core Image. I'm hoping the next iBook update does - and...
I agree. This made no sense to me. And why limit the chips to the mobile space? The Mini, laptops, and even iMac are all designed to run cool = low power. Why not throw one of these chips in a HT Mini, or add them to the motherboards of the laptops? Not reading the techincal details, it's unclear to me how these new chips relate to current graphics cards. Or do they offload processing from the CPU? Can anyone offer clarification? - Jasen.
Almost 2pm here on the East Coast. I guess we get nothing today. \ I was really expecting something on April 1st, it being Apple's anniversary and all. NAB is less than two weeks away now; I really thought Apple would release a few new things - Tiger at least - so as to focus on the Pro apps at NAB. Under two weeks between announcements seems awfully close together. Ugh. I hope we don't have to wait till WWDC for ANY new hardware announcements. - Jasen.
I'm planning on buying a new machine with Tiger on it. Does that count as a clean install? I also have a B&W G3/350 that I will likely install Tiger on. That machine still has the original HD as the boot drive partitioned for OS 9 and OS X. All user data (Home directory), apps, etc. are on external drives. The only things on the "root" drive are things that absolutely want to be on the root drive. I'll probably upgrade on that machine and see how things go; if it...
Increase the RAM? I wish they'd decrease the RAM - to 0 MB. I wish Apple would offer a BTO option of no RAM so we can buy our own third party memory of the size we want. - Jasen.
Shipping by NAB (April 15th) for use with the new versions of the Pro apps that require Tiger features. If I was in the media production business, that jump would scare me a bit - new versions of apps with major feature enhancements, and a shiny new OS to run them on? :shiver: Now on to new hardware announcements! - Jasen.
Those are exactly the types of factors that drive sales and marketing departments. A spike in Q2 sales would be a good thing - the surge for 10.4 won't fall off until Q3. And if Apple has Pro App updates ready for NAB (April 15ish) and hardware updates for WWDC, those will boost sales even more. Much better to spread your sales spikes out, shows steadier growth than a BIG spike in one quarter followed by the compounded softening. Plus, if Apple doesn't have Tiger out...
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