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I wish MS well. Apple needs some decent competition. Android is suffering the splintering that was predicted many years ago. The device makers & carriers control the software and don't bother to update instead pushing customers to buy new devices. If MS can provide a consistent user experience, I think they can sell that.   The problem with MS, though, is they have no taste. Rather than develop a really good mobile user experience and a really good desktop experience they...
I'm sorry, your personal experience with the actual laws involved disqualifies you from commenting on this thread. Please come back when you have emotional knee-jerk reactions with no facts to back them up.   - Jasen.   P.S. I am not a lawyer. Unless you are one for the jurisdiction involved, I don't put much stock in what you have to say about this case. P.P.S. The employee vs employer war is on display in spades here. One side: If the employees don't like it, go work...
Agreed. I'd much rather see the car companies and mobile device manufacturers develop standards & protocols for interoperability. Europe is probably the place to look for leadership here.   - Jasen.
I wonder if the HBO story is related to the Netflix story? It sounds like the cable & internet providers don't want streaming video clogging up their pipes, having customers actually use the bandwidth & bits they're paying for. The pipe providers make more off cable than internet, so they want to make using the internet less convenient.   - Jasen.
So when do B&N or Apple or any other book retailer get to file suit against Amazon for abusing its large market-share to drive competitors out of business?   - Jasen.
Agreed. He did all but stick his tongue out. But I must say I far prefer the Ives inspired minimalist design that the skeumorphic mess that Forstall was pushing. As for the new UI: too light for my taste. I like a dark background. The demo was all done with light to white backgrounds. Maybe they demo better or look better on an actual device, but it looked too bright and glaring to me.   - Jasen.
Doesn't this case hinge on Apple negotiating with all (or several) of the publishers present at the same time? i.e. Apple reps and publisher reps all met together and hashed out the details of the agreement. Or in this modern age, exchanged emails with several parties at once.   If Apple negotiated with each publisher separately, then there is no case. I don't know if Apple could do things like say, "publisher A has agreed to this, will you agree too, publisher B?"...
Doesn't Apple do exactly that? Isn't that one reason Costco stopped carrying Apple products? Apple dictates the retail price. Costco wanted to sell for less. So Costco stopped selling Apple products. I'm pretty sure "lowest advertised price" is a common agreement between manufacturers and resellers. That's why on Amazon and other places you have to add an item to your cart before you can see the price.   - Jasen.
  I apologize for not following this story more closely and knowing more details. Yes, Apple coordinated with publishers what the prices of books would be on the Apple store. But did Apple say those items could not be sold in any other store at a different price? And are we talking about books in Apple's proprietary iBooks format or any format? It seems reasonable (but reasonable != legal) for Apple to specify that if publishers make content available in Apple's...
No. The free version of Unity now includes the "Lite" versions of iOS and Android. Before, even the "Lite" version was a paid add-on. The Pro version adds a bunch of features, and comes with "Lite" iOS and Android deployment. I believe the Pro version of the iOS and Android deployment is still a paid add-on.   Yeah, it's a bit confusing.
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