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AIEEEE!!!   Comments no longer jumps into the forum?! Bleh!
Yes, you CAN never buy another thing from Amazon, but Amazon makes it very easy to continue buying things from them. I'm sure Amazon has the numbers to know how much current Kindle owners buy from them.   I'm glad to see the continued improvements it tablets - higher PPI, brighter screens. And the eReaders keep getting better, too. It's a fast moving technology space. All of the "device makers" - Samsung, et al - are going to have a rough time competing with "service"...
Nice move. I should have sold some at the end of yesterday. Oh well, picked some up this morning at $575.
http://www.google.com/finance?q=aapl Note I said "pre-market". This indicates AAPL will open sharply lower. But my guess is that it will climb as the day goes on - but I bought some yesterday at $590 thinking that was a good deal, so don't listen to me. :)
And I thought AAPL was a good buy below $600. Now they've dropped to almost $570 pre-market! Yesterday was a good day to make short term money on AAPL. I think today will be the same. Low opening and then climb back up.   http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/07/25/us-apple-earnings-asia-reaction-idUSBRE86O06B20120725 And Apple's suppliers are probably a good place to find some profits, too.   - Jasen.
Figures. I just installed 10.7 on a work machine yesterday. My primary machine is still running 10.6. It'll probably take the IT gurus a few months before blessing 10.8, though. I _really_ need a new machine at home now. I still have a white iMac that won't run 10.7 or 10.8.   - Jasen.
Drat. I was hoping the article would be about Apple's need for the original Surface, now called PixelSense. A table or wall sized multi-touch device from Apple would rock.   - Jasen.
I have no idea. I listen on a wired network. I haven't tried the phone app. I'm a desk jockey.   - Jasen.
Spotify is great. I have a free account and listen to it non-stop at work every day. Sound quality is way better than XM in the car. I believe the free streams are supposed to be lower quality than the paid people get, but I've been very happy. The radio feature works well, too. I get songs that are generally close to the band I've chosen and it's a good way to discover new music.   +1.   - Jasen.
  Let me introduce you to something called Classical Education. It's worked for a long time and still does.
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