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I bought a 5c and wish I'd gotten a 5. It's all about the accessories. The 5 & 5s share the same size; cases etc. are interchangeable and there are many available. If you have a nice case or other accessories for a 5, you can reuse them with the 5s. The 5c has very few cases & accessories designed for it.   The 5c may have been targeted at new Apple customers, but once you have one you're effectively locked out of the iPhone accessory ecosystem.   - Jasen.
I think I have very sensitive fingers. I definitely prefer my ancient white MacBook's trackpad to the one on my modern MacBook Pro. Part of the reason is my fingers get sore pushing down the trackpad to click the button; I can easily tell that it takes more force at the top of the pad than at the bottom.   Force gauges would allow the click-pressure to be tunable, too. I could see that being a welcome customization.   - Jasen.
They do realize "Cortana" goes insane, right?   - Jasen.
I really hope Apple minimizes the number of iPhone sizes. I got a 5c and I've been very disappointed in the lack cases and peripherals available for it. There's lots of 5/5s things around, but very few for the 5c.   - Jasen.
Ha ha! That's funny.  Oh wait, you're serious?! Apple makes more profit than all those other companies - probably combined. That is Apple's sin. They quietly make great products & services which leads to mountains of profit. The market is not rational. If Apple had a P/E similar to those other companies, it would be priced in the thousands per share. - Jasen.
The problem with avoiding the smart TVs is you can't if you want certain features. Want 3 HDMI inputs,120Hz refresh, and local dimming? The high-end smart TV has it, but they don't make a dumb TV with the same features. Or, retailers don't carry the high-end dumb TV, they only carry certain price & feature points. So high-end picture = smart TV.   And then you get to manufacturing costs. It's probably cheaper for the manufacturer to put the "smart" hardware in every TV...
I use Spotify the vast majority of the time. I like listening to albums and artist catalogs.   I've tried iTR a bit and I agree with those who are unhappy with its song selections. Pandora gives me a nice wide variety, but still coherent. iTR tends to play artists from the same time period. For example, on Pandora a station seeded with The Black Keys will play Led Zeppelin, blues from the 50s, and some contemporary bands like The White Stripes. A similar station on iTR...
Or $600+?  Anyone have a chart of what AAPL does after earning reports? My gut tells me it drops - if they exceed expectations then the stories go "The gas has run out! Apple can't do any better! This is the peak!" If they miss expectations the stories go "Apple falters! Heading into a downward spiral!" If you're long AAPL it's just froth. But it could be a buying opportunity. Forbes is guessing the price will rise. - Jasen.
We got a deal similar to this from Verizon. We had to trade in two phones and buy an accessory for each. We traded in two Virgin Mobile Kyocera Rises and got two 5cs for $0.   - Jasen.
 Victim here. We went in to Verizon to get my wife a 5c because she was tired of not getting coverage at our house (we live in a small but deep coverage hole for everyone but Verizon). After pushing some buttons, the sales guy offered us both $0 5cs if we'd trade in our cheapy $80 Virgin Mobile phones. Here you go! We walked out with $40/mo for each phone, plus a 1GB shared data plan for $42 (I get a discount because of where I work). So we went from $70/mo for two cheap...
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