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hmmm, I thought I was perma-banned... yay
sooo...don't even try?
So Ad hominem is your response?cute.I've asked repeatedly for anyone to tell me anything Android specifically copied from iOS that initially belonged to Apple that is not in wide usage elsewhere."heuristics for a heuristic motion at 1mm from edge of screen herp derp." is what a majority of these lawsuits are about. Look and feel is Samsung's game....so Android 1.0 - 4.2 what aspects of iOS 1.0 - 6.0 have been copied obviously and wholesale?I'm talking features as obvious...
You can't "copy" smoothness...Apple doesn't have a patent on "smoothness and fluidity"I sincerenly hope you're joking.Next you're going to tell me that Google copied the Notification Shade from Apple's Notification Center.
in other words you're simply shouting off random sound bites with no actual way to back anything up.All you needed to say.
"imitating Apple..."like?
simple question...would you put all your eggs in one basket?
If you got all your Apple maps news from Apple Insider you'd think every site had 15 articles on it.
of course not...that would make sense.
This L...is a clone of this L.This R is not a clone of this B...Similar...sure, maybe even inspired by the curves of the B...perhaps it felt that the B was the direction text is heading in...so instead of coming out as an L which the makers of R felt was now instantly outdated by the much more advanced and impressive B they add 2 lines and a curve to the L and rerelease it hoping to not be shut out of the future of mobile computing ushered in masterfully by the makers of...
New Posts  All Forums: