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so tell me then o' wise one...how are the lisa drop down menu and the Android notification panel similar aside from the drop down? It doesn't alert you of anything, you can only perform one interaction...you can't clear anything, it has static functions...they are literally not the same...by your logic iOS is like Palm OS because they are both touchscreen.
you've dehumanized anyone who doesn't use or like Apple products or ALL Apple products.Not dissed, not made fun off, but dehumanized...repeatedly...shocking indeed.
don't be a dick about a minor misspelling...and he AGREES with Steve Job's quote as it's meant.
The lisa OS is a drop down menu not a drop down notification shade...you know that...so why do you constantly mention it as if they are remotely the same thing...I guess the slide bolt is the same as Apple's slide to unlock as well right? and at least those two have similar functions.
They took nearly 2 years from iPhone announcement to G1 announcement. What that is evidence of which is rather obvious is that the iPhone influenced the direction of Android...which, believe it or not, is not a crime, is not wrong, and is actually fucking smart.What evidence do you have that Schmidt abused his position on Apple's board, stole secrets and whatever and then told Google to make a copy that's not actually a copy?None...you yearn to hate Google and Schmidt and...
software mostly...their hardware has been aiight...my G2x I personally thought looked fine...the LG version of "stock" Android however has been one of the worst experiences of my life.
And apparently it's a crime.
No. Android still belongs to Google. Samsung just makes most money off of it. Not sure what your point was.Google had warned Samsung. Samsung didn't listen and we know how that panned out.Also Apple isn't suing just Samsung like slavish copying. Apple is suing anyone for anything. HTC sure as hell isn't anything near an Apple clone. Motorola neither. Didn't matter.
Steve wouldn't gamble like that. He'd have straight up said or asked them to slow down or not compete or whatever. He wasn't a chess player. He was a cannon.
True but being that Google bought Android in 2005 and Schmidt joined the board in 2006 any disruption is no fault of Schmidt's.Not one bad word from the actual Apple superiors even Steve Jobs has come out damning Schmidt. The only people who feel ill of the man are the fanboys.
New Posts  All Forums: