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lol USB makes zero sense...I swear there must be nano-USB trolls constantly rejiggering everything.edit: Odd that a Meizu MX is in the BG.
but it was erroneous...don't let your Apple tainted glasses blind you.Check the foreman's comments.They may have come to the same conclusion even IF they followed jury instruction and understood/embraced their roles...but we won't know that because they didn't do any of that.
Considering the foreman's comments it is likely a more informed jury wouldn't have found Samsung to infringe nearly as much as they do...the Trade dress claims almost 100% for sure...but the patents...had prior art that the jury disregarded because they were told erroneously by the foreman that it isn't prior art unless the code can run on the device. As biased as most of you are...can you honestly agree with a decision that was provably based on erroneous thinking?
So all those innovative advances in mobile technology would've just sat there unused? untouched? For five years with zero sign of advancement?It'd be a vastly different field without the iPhone...maybe better, maybe worse (likely). But it'd likely still be a significant progression following the tech itself.Don't let your fanboism cloud your rationality.
Eh...truth be told...better is super subjective when it comes to these vastly different (despite how much people try to claim otherwise) OS ecosystems.iPhone doesn't have to compete in the spec war or the wireless charging war or even really the LTE war...they have to be great at what they do.Most of these phones offer the same stuff regardless...at the end of the day at least, especially iOS and Android with many devs releasing apps for both.Apple doesn't have to release...
I hate the GS3some cool features wrapped in a me too OS skin embodied in a zero effort design shell.
do you REALLLLY believe that?That with capacitive touchscreens just becoming affordable enough for mobile and radios speeding up and processors becoming more efficient and powerful that the same ish would've been happening now as was then?Really?It'd be a different landscape, and for all you know a better one...The only truth is there probably wouldn't be a Lumia...but there'd probably be phones LIKE the Lumia or better or completely different, etc.The Tech to allow the...
and who the hell is he?
I learned that from this guy I use to work with...it was a rather interesting moment for me because up until that point I assumed that the accent was borne from the learning of English as a second language when in fact the accent is as much an accent of English as a Cockney, Brooklyn, Dallas accent is.
Interesting...I didn't see any site - even the most die-hard Android site - suggest that they did... But good to know they didn't, on the record.
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