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Samsung does that shit too...it's RETARDED.
Where has HTC copied Apple?
agreed...they botched their entire mobile OS situation.We shall see, however.
I pictured wile-e-coyote btw...But no, the rounded rectangle thing to me is a valid argument...but overblown.
There is literally ONE company who has ever produced iPhone wanna-be Androids...Samsung...and Samsung needs to die or undergo a serious change (after being knocked down a few pegs). I hate Touchwhiz and I hate their design sense.
I saw a few minutes of the live blog....Phone looks good...WinPho7-8 always looked good to me...but I have no true interest in the eco-system so I eventually turned it off.Only Apple events and Google I/O truly interest me.But from what the live blog showed it looked to be a good event.
yea that's my biggest issue...I can't see myself buying one...but I'd love to own one.At this point there are only two ecosystems worth a damn as of 9/5/2012 and they are the only two I could see myself choosing between with my wallet.and sheesh the longer this liveblog goes on the more I want this phone lol.I have a big feeling Motorola is going to underwhelm so between now and next week I'm probably going to be longing for an iPhone 5 or a Lumia 920.
Nokia and Motorola's events were announced BEFORE the iPhone announcement was known.Are you suggesting they are psychic as well?
All I know is the Lumia 920 is looking sexy as hell right now...I hope against all logic that Nokia hands these badboys out at 6pm when I go to the public event in NYC!!!
that's one misshapen woman
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