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ummmmm what lag?do you mean the inexact finger tracking? that's not lag. (I guess technically it is, but that's not what most people mean when they mention it)And the edge glow isn't to hide bounce back, it's Androids non-infringing method for indicating list end that Samsung removed in other devices when they added bounceback.
There's a large occurrence of dual releases nowadays, but the junky apps in Android market Google Play Store are still far too many.I'm just glad a lot of the big players are using the guidelines introduced with Android 4.0
I'm pretty sure he's referring to how apps scale on Android vs how they scale on iOS
Agreed. It's easier for someone who is completely comfortable with Windows to use OSX than someone who si completely comfortable with Android to use iOS and vice versa.I say this as someone who is well versed in Android and Windows and it took me longer to get use to my iPad than my work Mac.
yes because Android is so much like iOS it's crazy!!!!try having an original thought.
Impressed with the review... I wish there wasn't so much bad blood between the two camps.
eh...we'll see once my iPad gets it...I hope there's a better view with more apps per page on the iPad...
I do not agree with his wording but I don't think he's literally GLAD that Jobs is no longer alive. I would've worded it differently, but to act as if it's the end of the world is a bit ridiculous.
Do you really not know what he means by that statement?Or are you offended over semantics?
if you think Stock Android is somehow a rip-off of iOS despite the blatant differences then you'd definitely feel the same about Bada
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