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For starters Android existed before WebOS...Second, show me where Android's pull down notification tray existed in a product that existed before Android did.
best unexpected answer I've received in a while...hats off to you.
you're Republican aren't you?
no they are acting as if Google didn't have the groundwork laid down already and is expanding to compete accordingly.This is tantamount to saying that Apple backing up contacts and the like is them copying Google (as has been erroneously said by some Android fans)No matter what, Google copies...Apple is pure unadulterated innovation to them.Even when Apple implements something that is ridiculously inspired by Android (notification pulldown) it isn't a 'copy' somehow...
you may or may not have a point but considering Apple could enact a policy to slaughter babies every day before store opening as a sacrifice to the retail gods and you'd be all for it."Well obviously there are too many babies in this world and all Apple is doing is continuing to help the economy by keeping the population down."
There mere fact that there are other ways to do something doesn't mean you give a company a monopoly on rounded rectangles...especially when it is shown that rounded rectangles were worked on by other companies prior.However, I believe Samsung copied Apple...the phone could've looked vastly different and still been a rounded rectangle...I am glad (a bit) the tablet design patent wasn't upheld...and I'm glad the trade dress claims were.Samsung has cheapened Android as a...
is that why they found the Nexus S to infringe on a patent it couldn't have infringed upon?
unless I'm reading the claims wrong...how is Apple or pretty much any modern smartphone maker not infringing on Motorola's patent?
I honestly hope you're not serious...edit: meaning it is not an overlooked achievement at all...by any means....at any time in it's history...it receives constant praise and it's only complaint is that it has gotten stale but it still gets the job done very very well.
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