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Question for you conspiracy theorists: Was it wrong in any way for Google, seeing the future of mobile ushered in by the iPhone, to shift the focus of the UI/UX quickly (and work out kinks later) to not be left behind?
I'm sure Bill Gates was jealous of Warren Buffet (or vice versa, forget who was richer)
Apple lost nothing.
Sued for what? Android was already Google's by the time he was ASKED to be on the board. It is on record that he wasn't allowed to be in any meetings relating to the iPhone. Android 1.0 and then iPhoneOS were very different in that Android was obviously a quickly hacked together touch interface on top of already existing code.What's more likely? Google's Schmidt so coy and clever that he not only managed to steal from Apple after tricking them to ask him on their board and...
Thank you. I've said verbatim
There are. Hence the absolute unlikelihood that such a breach ever occurred. Hence why Apple never mentioned it or even Steve Jobs. Hence why the only people who think such s thing happened are mindless fanboys.
It would fit with their recent statements at their and Verizon's horrible press conference... though I'm sure it was accelerated due to their patent losses.
Apple doesn't own the concept of multitouch, genius.And Apple never sued Google, neither has microsoft.But you ignored the meat of my post...I'll transfer direction to you even though it was directed towards the worst global mod in history...why do you and your ilk think Apple is run by morons and that Steve Jobs was the biggest moron of them all?
If you make a door and hinge assembly that has the purpose of, well, being a door...and I create a door and hinge assembly, that is also a door yet doesn't work the exact same way at all though yields the same result should you, with your specific door and hinge assembly be able to sue me, with my specific door and hinge assembly simply because they both serve the same purpose?
Qualify something...or better yet, what did Android 1.0 steal from iOS and also why did it take Google almost 2 years after the iPhone announcement to release a crappy Android 1.0 if Schmidt had insider knowledge and was feeding this information to Google's Android team?Why was Android 1.0 (and 1.1, 1.5, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, 3.1, 4.0. 4.1) so different from iOS in form and function if it was copied directly from iOS with insider knowledge?Why didn't happy litigator...
New Posts  All Forums: