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Maybe...just maybe...Schmidt did nothing wrong.You and your conspiracy theorist nutjob peers literally have no proof of anything underhanded happening with Schmidt...worst...you're even suggesting that Jobs and Co were, at best, naive and at worst absolutely retarded when it came to Schmidt.But anything to further your hatred of Google even if it makes no sense.
care to qualify this statement? Last I checked as an avid user of BOTH platforms they are Apple and Oranges different...both fruits...both sweet, but not the same.So please tell me how an Apple is an Orange...
I'm in the mood for a laugh...care to qualify that statement?
Justin Bieber fans.. I knew I was reminded of something by some of you.
These mapping articles are getting seriously annoying...this site has more articles relating to this one fixable Beta stage issue than any other I've seen...mostly of the "This person said this bad thing about Apple maps...GET 'EM CULT MEMBERS." and it's annoying. NYT is annoying...the bigger issue than it really is people are annoying. come late 2013 or early 2014 I doubt there will be much to complain about anymore...and all will be fine...and this will be...
question...in all seriousness...who the hell has actually said that?There you go constructing your straw army so you can walk in, battle-ready, like a fool defeating your fabricated foes.
you can call DaHarder many things, but the guy actually owns all the devices he says he owns (I've seen posts on Engadget where he proved such). Odd that he's called a hater of this or that platform from time to time as he probably bought more hardware from more manufacturers each than any of us have from any one manufacturer.
I'm shocked LG is up there...wtf.
well played...
Being you're one of the most reasonable posters on any board I've ever been on I'd first assume a goat hacked your account than assume you've lost your mind.
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